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Waegook Travel is committed to making every tour a memorable one and we are very proud of our record through more than a decade. It is true for every business that less favorable reviews will also appear from time to time. These reviews are also valuable to us and help us to continuously grow and improve.

What people had to say in recent reviews and testimonials dating back till 2011. Guests submitted the testimonials after tours either by e-mail messages and or on Facebook. Our tours go back till 2005, but unfortunately we didn't keep record of the reviews before 2011.

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Recent Reviews:

Lunar New Year on Geoje: Jan 2017

Kc Umesh
Thank you very much Waegook travel for providing us such a wonderful trip to Geoje.It was really fantastic.Thank you very much to all beautiful people for being together during the trip.i hope see you again.And thank you again waegook for making us happy.i hope n really intrested to being with you again.Thank you.

Ferdinand Gericke
Had a fantastic weekend!! Just as the itinerary said: "You can do whatever you want whenever you want". The bbq (braai) with potato salad was excellent!! Thank you for a chilled weekend!!

Nadine Dannhauser
I had an amazing time on Geoje Island with them this weekend

Chuseok on Geoje Island & Other: 2016

Rachel Reiter
We had an excellent time on this trip! The location, food, and environment were awesome, and we met some amazing people and truly enjoyed the diversity of activities available. Derrick, Sugi, and Michael were super helpful-- especially today when we were almost stranded on the island due to bad weather and a lack of taxis (we took our own bus in from Gwangju). The only negative thing I have to say about the trip is that the food was really not anything to write home about-- it was a super meaty meat party with little to no vegetables, so after 4 days my stomach is feeling a little worse for wear. Like any big group trip there were small delays for activities, etc.. but they were always handled with a smile and a sense of humor, and all in all I have to say that it was an awesome experience!!

Alana Connell
Just back from the Geoje trip. Had a great time. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. It was very relaxed. Only bad thing is having to leave and go back to reality. Thanks for a great trip guys!

Russell Hannah
We booked a fishing charter through Derrick & Sugi at Waegook Travel. We all had the best time and although I personally didn't catch a fish everybody else did. The skipper and crew were awesome and at the end of the trip they filleted the fish so we could take home. Also cut up fresh sashimi at Derrick and Sugi's beach house. I highly recommended booking through Waegook Travel.

Miche Shamrock
You guys all rocked my world. I am so lucky as a new expat to have fallen upon this trip and have met so many awesome individuals whom I will stay friends with long after. The island was so beautiful and magical and felt like a little piece of paradise. Hope to see most of you soon. Mad love.

Kathleen Davis
I had a great time on this trip! There were many options to explore and experience the island, and most of them were offered on multiple days so you could customize your trip but also left plenty of time to relax without missing anything . The hosts were amazing, and did the best they could, organizing the amount of people that came. I personally had a great time, and would love to do it again. Thanks for an amazing weekend guys xo

Yusha Jawad
We were a family of 6 ppl. We thoroughly enjoyed this trip. Derrick n Sugi r really cooperative and attentive ppl. Even extremely busy.....but Sugi always answered my querries n provided me with required things. Great job duos!!

Fahad Abro
It was good tour of 3 nights. The beach house had amazing view of wahyon beach. The bar b q ATV KYAKNG every thing was great.

Matthew Cantwell McCormick
This was my first time using a travel service and I couldn't have been happier with it! The staff are some of the nicest people you could hope to meet and the optional extras give you flexibility to have as structured or unstructured a trip as you'd like.

The trip was not without it's challenges and some waiting but even these moments were filled with fun good humor and didn't take anything away from my experience.
Looking forward to my next trip with Waegook Travel!

Dave Rover
Just did the Cheosuk Holiday Tour. Lots of laughs and many new friends. Drank a little too much alcohol though
;) cheers Derrick, Sugi and Michael.

Niekie Pullen
Awesome Chuseok breakaway. Thanks Derrick Sugi and Michael Suh ...job well done!! My liver needs a break ( not right now coz it is indeed still weekend, but soon).

Delazeri Greg
I've had several unforgettable trips with Waegook Travel. My first experience was completely spontaneously turning up through a friend referral and not knowing what to expect. We managed to do everything we wanted and more, both Derrick and Sugi co-ordinated all our activities and the whole experience to make it as laid back and enjoyable as possible. Some activities involved a first attempt at fishing, rowing, quad biking, bbq's and more. I have since used other event services in korea but have yet to find one with such a complete package.

I was referred to them through a friend and I have every reason to refer others to them as well. I can't wait till I get a chance to try it again! thanks for the experience!!!

Sunny Kang
Great organization, great Sugi and Derrick, amazing food!!! Perfect!!

2013 - 2015:

Alana Mckie
Fantastic way to see Korea! We showed up at the beach and Derrick & Sugi were all set for us with gear and fantastic food. Gojura beach was incredible, cute town, have to go back to see more.

Thanks for making our trip to Geoje flawless!

Jinsook Baker
Love them and enjoy every single moment!!!

Ski Trip Trip: Jan 2012

Chantel Wentzel

Thank you Derrick and Sugi for all your hard work. Had another great Waegook trip.

Gloria Levander

This trip is on my top 5 things I've done in Korea thus far!!! Thanks so much for putting it together, let's do it again before the seasons over!!!!

Claire Bonner
Thanks for a great weekend guys, also thanks for Sugi's gloves I still have them! And thanks again for dropping us in Indong, we didn't want to be a pain by asking but it was great of you guys to think of us! Have a great week!

Michelle Ní Dhiollúin

Thanks for an awesome trip this weekend guys! Had a blast, can't wait for the next Waegook trip :)

Cheongdo Bulls and Wine: April 2012

Karine Bezuidenhout

The bullfight and wine mission were great fun! Baie dankie!! Awesome way to spend a Saturday even though it was rainy. I'm looking forward to the Marine Expo!!!

Steven Saunderson

Hey Derrick and Sugi, thanks so much for yesterday, Great day, despite the weather. Can't wait to do it again!

Vince Grindle

Thanks for brightening our rainy weekend. It was a great trip. Some exciting bull wrestling matches and we enjoyed some persimmon wine in the abandoned railroad tunnel. It was also fun just walking through the village with you on the way to the tunnel and looking at the scenery. :D

Malilia Julita Pedelume Grindle

Had a great day... Got to see Cheongdo "bullfighting: and taste Cheongdo persimmon wine.... Thank you Derrick -Sugi Waegook Travel for a great trip...

Yeosu World Expo & Island Hopping: May 2012

Loudine Heunis:
Agreed! Best weekend I've had in a very long time.

Chantel Wentzel:
Thank you so much Derrick and Sugi for an awesome weekend. You really are my Korean Mom and Dad. You two are amazing. Much Love. Xx 

Leanne Scott:
It was a great weekend! Thanks :) 

Shelby Eaton:
I had a wonderful time! I'm so glad you guys accepted me into your awesome family. I can't wait for Extreme Weekend!! Thank you in advance for sending me the info. :) Thank you for your hard work. 

Ronita Engelbrecht:
Just wanted to say thank you once again for an amazing weekend. 

Wayne Hall:
Derrick and Sugi, thanks for an awesome weekend!! By the way, you guys were very smart to change the day for the Expo to Saturday, looks like there were MAJOR snags there on Sunday:

Supreme Extreme: June 2012

Leanne Scott:
Thanks everyone for a great weekend! Was great meeting all of you.  Thanks again Waegook Travel!!!!

Victoria Wong 
Agreed! Thanks so much for organizing such a great trip! We all had a blast!! 

David Suckling:
Thanks so much for organizing it Derrick and Sugi! It was my last weekend in Korea and I had a blast. Danyang was beautiful. My last weekend in Korea was one for the books! 

Ilhan Baker Effendi
Thank you for the awesome trip!!

Rafting Day Trip: Aug 2012

Eddy Hartono Halim
Wonderful day ... Thank you very much for the photos.. ^-^

Amanda Greeff
Loads of fun to say the least...? River rafting 

Catherine O'Sullivan
Thanks Derrick and Sugi for an amazing trip! It was an awesome day. Hope to see you again soon.

Jeju Island: Sep 2012

Megan L Walters
Nice one guys, good times all round. Good crew n great laughs. Thanks to you guys for a fantastic trip! Had a wonderful time with you all!

Isha Dilraj

Just flew back from an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G weekend away on Jeju Island!!! :)

Truly one of the 7 wonders of the world! ... Bird island, mountains, breath-taking horse show, late night beach strolls, ferry rides, Udo island, picturesque mountain and lake train rides, love land, lots of Korean food, crazy photos, bus rides and meeting great new people... definitely a memorable weekend! (",)

Angela Skelton
I had such a good time, thanks so much for making it such a great experience! Sorry i didn't tag you all, my computer then ran out of battery (I know this is becoming a theme!) and a certain friend of mine had my charger!

Korean F1 2012: Oct 2012

Barry Gilbert
You are great people! J

Hope you and Sugi are having a well-deserved rest day today. Wanted to say thank you for a great weekend with a fine group of people and for helping me with my last minute decision to attend the F1!

Absolutely, the experience as a whole was bigger and better the start of the race. I will send through photos when I get back to the UK and download.

On my next trip here I'll try make sure to have some free time so I can buy you that beer I promised!

Gabriel Ang

Big thank you to Sugi and yourself for all the hard work. It was great fun and I hope my schedule will permit me to visit again next year.

Take care.

Adrian Albrecht

We just arrived in Seoul, what an amazing apartment we got here it is all automatic.

Yes was a lot of fun, Friday and Saturday night stand out, was good to have some company for a change.

Let me know if you plan to go to Malaysia and if you're ever in the Jakarta area you are both more than welcome.

R. Scott Bailey

Thanks for finding our bag on the bus.

Greg Cole
All back in Seoul 1.30 thank you again for a great weekend hope you 2 can relax now. 

Paddy Doran
Cheers for a great weekend guys. Ya never disappoint Derrick and Sugi! 

Nadia R Swanepoel
Thanks for an awesome time people! Great meeting you all! :)) 

Stephanie Finn
Hi Derrick and Sugi, thanks for the F1 trip. It was the best!

East Coast Tour: Sokcho & Seoraksan: Nov 2012

Avigale De Asis

Thank you again. When I tried other tour groups, they weren't as accommodating. Now, it's just a matter of waking up at 4am on Saturday, haha.

Claire Molliere

Thanks for always being so on top of things Derrick! I'm sure this is going to be a great tour :)

Isha Dilraj
Really looking forward to another awesome trip! 

Natalie Sauls
Thank you for a lovely weekend Special thanks to Sugi for doing such a great job. 

Marlene Kruger
Sugi, thank you so much for an amazing weekend!! You were great!

Korean F1 Trip: Oct 2011

Ilhan Baker Effendi:

Best trip ever!!!!!! Thanks Derrick & Sugi.

Shan and Mike (Sangju):

We'd also like to say a huge thank you to you two! You really went out of your way to make the trip run smoothly and we had such a great experience! Definitely intend to be travelling with you again soon! Thanks so much!

Hendrik Reyneke:

What an amazing weekend!!! Met new people, shared a great passion with friends and the woman I love. Special mention to Waegook Travel!!!

Chantel Wentzel:

I just want to say thank you for everything. It was really a great weekend. I had such a great time. Good job xxx

Adrien Morris:

Thank Chris for me, he put me in a cab, spoke to the driver and sent me on my way. I found the hotel just fine. Also, thank-you for a great experience. Our Friday night drinking and singing will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Darlene Chisholm:

Derrick and Sugi, thank you so much for booking the F1 hotel and tickets for us! We had a great time and enjoyed meeting you both!! Hopefully see you next year!

Dawn and Paul

It was our first trip with Waegook Travel but it won't be our last. Everything was so organized and taken care of. It was amazing. We totally recommend going on any trip they offer. Thanks again and see you soon!

Dan Wiley

Well, great weekend, miles better than my own trip I organised last year, A++++

David Wiley

Hi Derrick, hope you are well and thanks again for a brilliant weekend at the F1. The photos look great.

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