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Thank you for booking your trip with Waegook Travel. We are sure you will have a fantastic time with us and we will do our best to make your trip truly memorable.

Please make sure you have already completed your booking info
before making payment or submit your booking shortly after payment. If we don't have your details from the booking form, we have no way of knowing who's payment it is.

 Please use your name as per your booking when making deposits or transfers. It makes tracking of payments that much easier. We will confirm your booking and send you a receipt upon receipt of your payment.

We receive almost immediate notifications of payments made and have rarely had any problems. If you have not received a receipt from us within 24 hours (48 Hours over weekends), please send us a short e-mail message to waegooktravel@gmail.com with the following info:

  • Your name as per booking
  • Other people you might have paid for.
  • Way of payment (Transfer / Deposit)
  • Date of Payment
  • Total Amount
  • You don't have to send us your deposit slip right away, but keep it handy just in case we need to track the deposit or transfer at the bank.

1. Deposits and Transfers within Korea (Cheapest Way).

Our Korean Bank Info for domestic transfers and deposits in Korea is below for people in Korea who would like to make a bank deposit or transfer. For credit cards see no 2 below even if it's a credit card payment within Korea.

Bank Info for Deposits and Transfers

Nonghyup Bank (NH Bank)
Branch: Gohyeon, Geoje
Account Holder: Park Kyeong Sug (박경숙)
Account Number: 356-5293-3775-03

Please note: that some banks will show the swift code above instead of NH or Nonghyup. The codes for NH is 11 or 12 on the ATM. It might display a logo similar to the one above.  If by chance you don't see this bank on the ATM try another Bank's ATM or ask a bank teller. E-Mail us if you have any problems and we will send you another account.

If you put your reference in as per booking, we will confirm shortly after payment. If there was no place to put in your reference, please send us an e-mail at
funtrips@waegooktravel.com otherwise we won't know who the payment was for. 

Due to local settings Pay Pal might be displayed in Korean. In this case use Google Translate. In most cases with credit card transactions the language will switch back to your local language after choosing your country in the first field.

2. Pay Pal / Credit Card / Debit Card (Quickest and most convenient).

You don't need a Pay Pal account to use this option. Credit and Debit Card options are provided by Pay Pal.

The credit card payment is quoted in US dollars in the booking form.  Pay Pal does not provide for payment in Korean Won for Pay Pal and Credit Card transactions. The USD amounts for Pay Pal, Credit Card Transactions and International Transfers is calculated as follows for simplicity and to cover Forex, Pay Pal, local bank fees and other charges:

KRW 1 000 = USD 1 e.g KRW 120 000 = USD 120.

In the case of a sudden drop in the USD we reserve the right to invoice you for the difference.

1. Quick Checkout for Tour Packages:

To pay click on the appropriate "Add to Cart" button below for upcoming tours or rates for accommodation displayed below (If no upcoming tour or variable seasonal rates no buttons will be present). After clicking on a button, you will be directed to Pay Pal's secure server. Please note that due to government regulations your account with Pay Pal has to be registered outside Korea.

2. For Other Amounts:

a. Simply click www.paypal.me/waegooktravel and follow the instructions.

Pay Pal & Credit Card & Debit Card Payments:
KRW 1 000 = USD 1

WOW Chuseok
Island Getaway!

Room Options PP:
Please add the appropriate amount of options to cart before checking out e.g. Room upgrade for room for 3 people need to be added to cart 3 times.

Luxury Room

Geoje Island
(Hotel / Beach House / Camping)

Accommodation rates are variable during the high season.

Please contact us for availability and rates. Thanks.