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Grade 1 License & Insurance protects Ex Pats & International Travellers.

Geoje Island & Tongyeong: February 15 – 17


FUN Long Weekend on Wahyeon Beach: 3 Days / 2 Nights with many Inclusive Tours and Meals.
Early Bird Prices start from Only KRW 189 000 – KRW 219 000 (Minus additional discounts).

Another awesome Long Weekend by Waegook Travel (License Grade 1 - 612-13-28058). Geoje Island is much warmer than cities further north. Get away from the cold and enjoy an amazing time on the lovely beaches and enjoy the magnificent coast lines, nature and surrounding islands. On a lovely day, the weather is like early spring or late fall and people can be outside with a sweater or light jacket. Average temperatures for late January are around 10 degrees Celsius. See Accuweather Info. Bring warm clothes though because the temperatures can suddenly drop if the sea wind picks up. This tour is excellent value for money with nice accommodation, excellent food, included tours etc and will cost much more if you came to Geoje by yourself. It’s also an excellent opportunity to meet many new people.

Bonus: Lucky Draw with the grand prize a free future weekend at Waegook Travel’s Beach House. The winner can invite up to 10 people to join him or her.

CUSTOM TRIP: This trip has been meticulously designed, so you can just chill out or join as many fun activities as you want at your own pace. This is a great time for Ex Pats and Koreans to enjoy the island at a fraction of the normal cost.

Save up to KRW 20 000 with Early Bookings.
KRW 189 000 (Geoje) - KRW 219 000 (Seoul)!!!

* Group Leader Discount for 4 or more adults (Deduct KRW 5 000 Per Person OFF leader’s trip before paying).
* Children discount on the normal price: Babies under 24 months Free / 2 – 7 Years Old 50% / 8 – 15 Years Old 20%.
* Please See departure list for prices from different cities.
* Student Discounts: We already included all possible discounts, so regrettably we can’t offer any additional discount.
* Compare the estimated values and see why this is a SUPER VALUE FOR MONEY TOUR.

Group Bookings are SHORTER for subsequent members once the Group Organiser has booked. Group Bookings are available for groups of 2 or more and groups of 4 or more qualify for a Group Organiser Discount of KRW 5 000 Per Person e.g. the group organiser of a group of 10 gets KRW 100 000 off his or her own tour. Private Room Options get CHEAPER as the group gets bigger and groups of 5 or more can have a private room at no extra cost. One Payment must be made for Group Bookings eligible for Group Discounts.

Beach Room 2 nights * Return Bus * Thursday Big Lamb BBQ with delicious starters * Awesome Duck BBQ dinner Friday * Friday & Saturday Breakfast * Island Tour & Transport to activities etc * Okpo Hopping Bus * Thursday Beach Party with DJ, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Marshmallows on the Fire & Cocktails * Geoje Fishing Folklore and Shipbuilding Museums * Tongyeong Turtle Ships Entrance * Kayaking (Included, but bring own wetsuit or waterproof clothing).

Amounts are estimated value amounts showing this great value for money long weekend. 

* Accommodation: 2 Nights right next to the beach (Wahyeon Beach). Value up to KRW 100 000 PP.
* Awesome BBQ: Value KRW 40 000 Per Person.
* Return Bus: From North, Central and South. Value up to KRW 72 000 Per Person from Seoul.
* Island Tour: Stunning Haegeumgang, Windy Hill, Sinseondae, and more. Value up to KRW 30 000 PP.
* Duck BBQ Dinner and Bar Hopping Night in Okpo: Bus provided. Value 40 000.
* Beach Party with music on or near the beach by one of the guest houses with lots of FREE Island Cocktails. Value up to KRW 30 000 at an Okpo Bar.
* Friday Breakfast – Value KRW 15 000 PP and Saturday Breakfast KRW 6 000 PP. 
* Cups, balls etc for Beer Pong and Flip Cup.
* Tickets to Fishing Folklore and Shipbuilding Museums at Jisepo Marina as well as the iconic turtle ships at Tongyeong Harbour and market. Dong Pirang and Jisepo Marina Free.
* Transport to and from activities like Jangseungpo Harbour, ATVs etc. Value up to KRW 40 000 if you had to take taxis every time.
* Free Beach Touch Rugby, Beach Soccer, Beach Volley Ball (Equipment will be provided).
* Rest assured with a legally licensed Travel Agent with experienced local guides (Insurance included on the bus - Does not extend to other injuries sustained while off the bus). Activities like ATVs etc are fun, but can be dangerous if guidelines are not followed or executed in a reckless manner. All activities participated in is at own risk.

OPTIONS (Not Included):

+ Private Room for 1 Person Only: Add KRW 100 000 Per Person for both nights (Limited).
+ Private Room for 2 People Only: Add KRW 30 000 Per Person for both nights (Limited).
+ Private Room for 3 People Only: Add KRW 20 000 Per Person for both nights (Limited).
+ Private Room for 4 People Only: Add KRW 5 000 Per Person for both nights (Limited).
+ Beach House (No Extra Charge - First Group Booking of 10 - 15 People)
+ Sunset Cruise 1 Hour 30 Minutes - KRW 30 000 Per Person (Minimum 8).
+ Jisim Island KRW 12 000
+ Sea World KRW 22 000 (Our guests get discounts on close encounter experiences).
+ Mountain Forest ATVs: KRW 25 000 Per Person (1 Hour).
+ Oedo Botanical Island: KRW 28 000 Per Person (Ferry and Park Fees Included).
+ Naedo Island: KRW 12 000 Per Person.
+ Tongyeong Luge and Skyline: KRW 11 000 for 1 ride or KRW 18 000 for 3 rides. You won’t get enough of this thrilling ride.
+ Tongyeong Cable Car: KRW 10 000. Breath-taking sea and island views from Mireuksan.
+ Riviera Hotel Spa: Less than KRW 8 000 Per Person with WTR discount (Normal KRW 12 000).
+ Bottom fishing from the boat: KRW 60 000 Per Person (Minimum 5 Maximum 16 Per Trip). (Gear and Bait Included). 
+ KRW Shore Fishing: KRW 20 000 Per Person (Gear and Bait Included).
+ Shoot your own Fireworks off the beach to welcome the Lunar New Year.

At Wahyeon: Book there.
+ Screen Golf (KRW 15 000 for 9 holes / KRW 20 000 for 18 holes).
+ Pool (Pocket Ball).
+ Singing Room.


All the accommodation is at breath-taking Wahyeon Beach and all right by the beach and within a short walk from each other, convenience stores, ferry terminal, screen golf, billiards room, singing rooms etc. The bus will also take people to Gujora Beach, Jisepo, Okpo etc. The accommodation will be shared by maximum 5 people unless you have your own huge group in which case we will accommodate your group in a big pension or our beach house suitable for up to 15 people. Early bookings essential for big groups and private rooms.

People who want their own rooms for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people can book their own rooms at a small additional charge (See Options Not Included). At the time of booking the booking form will state when rooms of varied sizes have been sold out.

People who are not part of a group booking and haven’t booked their own rooms will share accommodation in rooms which are spacious enough to accommodate the number of people for that room comfortably. The maximum people per room will not exceed 5 people. We do our best to match friend sharing requests, sexes, interests, residing cities etc. Female guests falling in the latter group will be in a room with girls only or a room with mostly girls unless they request otherwise in the booking.

Most rooms are Ondol. Rooms with beds, sea-view etc will be allocated in order of booking, so make sure to invite your friends and to and book your spots ASAP to secure the best rooms.

Departures, Bookings Close and Final Arrangements.

Bus departures from:
Seoul / Yeongtong (Suwon) / Daejeon / Daegu / Changwon / Busan / Geoje.
* Minimum 10 people required for a departure from any city. In certain cases, less people from a city will be considered. In the case of any departure point being cancelled we will help you book your tickets on an intercity bus and your cost will be reduced to the Geoje Departure Price. 

Need a Public Bus outside our normal tour itinerary:
* If you have a group of 10 or more people from a city not far away from the departure cities listed let us know and we can arrange a departure point from there.

Bookings Close and Final Arrangements:
All Bookings close on Sunday February 11th or when the tour is fully booked, whichever comes first. Final arrangements will be posted on the Facebook Event, Web Event and e-mails will be sent out latest Tuesday, February 13th.

Early Bird 1: KRW 189 000 (Geoje) - KRW 219 000 (Seoul)!!!
Early Bird 2: Add KRW 10 000 after Tuesday, January 16
Normal Price: Add KRW 20 000 after Thursday, Feb 1.

(Unbelievable deal for a 3-day long weekend):
* (Please see what is all included above). 

ADD KRW 10 000 after Jan 16
ADD KRW 20 000 after Feb 1.

A) Geoje: KRW 189 000
B) Busan: KRW 199 000.
C Changwon: KRW 199 000.
D) Daegu: KRW 209 000.
E) Daejeon: KRW 219 000.
F) Yeongtong (Near Suwon): KRW 219 000
G) Seoul: KRW 219 000

WOW Weekend! (Relax or Go Extreme – Up to you).

Let your imagination go wild with options from A-Z! This is a fully customised tour with many options which will suit everyone’s taste and pocket.

It’s easy to get the group benefits like the group organizer discount, private rooms etc. Get your friends to join you by inviting them on this event first. You can also share this event on your page or on your friend’s page and you can even use the share button to send it as a message to get the ball rolling. After inviting and sharing you can visit our web site for a better layout with photos, etc.

Waegook Travel is located on Geoje Island so check out our Facebook Page for photos of mostly in and around Geoje Island. A quick Google image search should also help you get a better idea of what to expect in the places mentioned in the tour.


Chill on the most beautiful beaches in Korea, free tour of the famous Geoje landmarks including stunning Haegeumgang, Hakdong Pebble Beach, incredible Sinseondae and Windy Hill. Geoje Island and Oedo Botanical Island are rated under the top most beautiful islands by CNN. Awesome hikes include a nearby trail to a historic fortress and bamboo forest at Gujora Beach or the ever popular Gonggoji which is a nice long hike from Wahyeon Beach. You can of course just chill out fishing on the beach or rocks or try your luck at the bigger ones off-shore. You will have to be selective if you want to relax. Geoje has so much to see and do. We give you maximum options, but even if you explore full time for the 3 days you will only scratch the surface.

Rev it Up!

Fun BBQ, Beach Party with music, free cocktails, beer pong and flip cup, ATVs, Kayaking, Beach Volley Ball, Touch Rugby, Beach Soccer you name it for free. You can also enjoy a spa, screen golf, pocket ball (pool) and karaoke etc at a nominal fee at one of the local venues right on Wahyeon Beach. You will have the time of your life.


Okpo Night:

After Friday night’s Duck BBQ dinner we will take you to Okpo which has one of the biggest foreign communities in Korea due to some of the biggest ships in the world being built here. There are many bars frequented by foreigners where you can enjoy live bands, play pool or darts, watch sport or just chill out with old and new friends. The bus will go back to Wahyeon an hour after we arrive in Okpo for the people who don’t want to stay out late. The bus will pick people who want to linger longer up again at midnight. If you want to do some more bar hopping after midnight, you can get a taxi back to Wahyeon Beach which costs around KRW 15 000 per taxi).

Island Tours: 

1. Haegeumgang / Windy Hill / Sinseondae / Hakdong Pebble Beach / Gujora Beach.
2. Jisepo Marina, Fishing Folklore and Shipbuilding Museums.
3. Tongyeong Turtle Ships, Market and Dong Pirang Mural Village.


2. Jisim Island Tour.
3. Oedo Botanical Island.
4. Naedo.
5. Sunset Cruise.

ATVs / Luge Skyline, Cable Car, Sea World, Fishing / Beach Party / Beach Sports / Spa / Screen Golf / Pool / Singing Room, 2 Museums & Turtle Boat (Included), Kayaking (Included, but bring own wetsuit or waterproof clothing), Shoot your own Fireworks off the beach to welcome the Lunar New Year and more …

Meals Included & Other Meal Options:

(Special Dietary Substitutes available for Vegetarians, Vegans, Hindu, Halal, Seafood Allergies etc).

Thursday Lunar BBQ Feast with Starters:

We will start Thursday Night’s BBQ Feast with delicious starters including oysters fresh from the sea (Best raw or toss them on the grill). Afterwards we will again have our famous big succulent lamb chops with baked potato with sour cream or butter, KFC style Coleslaw and cocktails after the BBQ. We provide enough fires and all the food for the BBQ. In SA Braai tradition, each person will grill their own meat or ask a friend to help. It creates a fantastic opportunity for people to mingle and you can enjoy your meat exactly like you want it. There are always expert grillers to give advice if needed. There are options available for those with special dietary requests. The lamb is Halal certified and Veggie Options will be provided for Vegetarians and Vegans. For those who don’t eat oysters we will provide crackers and delicious dip sauce as a starter. After the BBQ enjoy a Fun Beach Party with DJ Music, Wild Island Cocktails, Marshmallows on the Fire, Beer Pong, Flip Cup etc. We have this on the first day because this is where everyone gets to know each other. Many strangers meet on the first night and leave as close friends. Special dietary requests need to be completed in advance in the booking form. We can’t change anything on the night because we buy the food in advance.

Friday Traditional Lunar Breakfast:
Creamy Rice Cake Soup (Teokguk) with beef and egg and various side dishes including Jeon (Fried vegetables, pork and tofu fried in a batter). People who don’t eat beef or pork can have the soup and Jeon with only vegetables.

Friday Duck BBQ Restaurant:
A really delicious Duck BBQ at a famous restaurant is included. There are lots of side dishes served and they have vegetarian options as well. Drinks are optional.

Saturday Breakfast:
Real Subway Sandwiches when we arrive in Tongyeong.

We provide the BBQ feast on Thursday night, the Duck BBQ at a famous restaurant and 2 breakfasts on Friday and Saturday. Lunch, quick meals or snacks can be bought at one of the local Restaurants or Convenience Stores. The bus will also stop at some rest stops on the way to Geoje and the return journey if you get hungry on the bus.

Okpo Night Bus Included – Food and Drinks there are Optional. (See Tour Highlights – Explore for more info).


People are free to do whatever and whenever they want. Just let us know when to book your optional activities for when you get here. The schedule for some activities are fixed if there is a specific time designated to it in the itinerary. Please be at the departure points at least 10 minutes prior to departure. Our tours are very popular because of the flexibility we allow. You are free to participate in any of the scheduled tours and activities, but you are also welcome to do your own thing. One exception is that everyone needs to go to the Luge / Cable Car on Saturday because the bus leaves from there for the return journey from Geoje.

We allowed for enough time in the bus schedule and might get back earlier. The itinerary and ETA is subject to traffic, weather conditions etc and might be subject to change. All Bookings close on Sunday February 11th or when the tour is fully booked, whichever comes first. Final arrangements will be posted on the Facebook Event, Web Event and e-mails will be sent out latest Tuesday, February 13th.


THURSDAY, February, 2018


*** THURSDAY, February15, 2018 ***

PLEASE NOTE: (Don’t miss the bus).

Be at least 10 minutes early for all departures. Daejeon and Changwon people please be there at least 20 minutes earlier because the bus can arrive much earlier if there is less traffic than expected.

We only have 2 people from Gumi and 3 people from Busan, so we booked your return intercity bus tickets to Geoje and we will pick you up at Gohyeon Bus Terminal on Geoje at noon. Please be at the right Intercity Bus Terminal and at the right departure platforms for Geoje (Gohyeon Terminal).

05:00 Seoul (Noksapyeong Subway Exit 2).
06:00 Yeongtong – Suwon (Yeongtong Subway Station Exit 1).
08:20 Daejeon (In front of Yongjeon Dong Homeplus).
08:45 Gumi (Gumi Bus Terminal to Geoje Gohyeon Bus Platform).
11:20 Changwon (Main Entrance Changwon Intercity Bus Terminal near Taxi Stand).
10:50 Busan (Sasang Bus Terminal Platform 15 to Geoje Gohyeon Bus Terminal. The bus registration number is 6049. You don’t need tickets. You must take seats 41, 42, 43 and 44). If asked, say they are Waegook Travel seats. You can call Sugi at 010 5293 3775 if you are unsure.
12:00 Geoje (Across from Gohyeon Bus Terminal).
12:30 Check-In at Wahyeon Beach accommodation on Geoje Island.

Lunch can be bought at the local Restaurants or Convenience Stores or at one of the service areas on the bus trip to Geoje or back.

12:30 - 17:00 After check-in people are free to chill on the beach and take part in all the exciting activities on offer including Oedo Botanical Island, ATVs, Beach Sports, Fishing, Hiking, Hiking to stunning Gonggoji or the Fortress and Bamboo Forest at Gujora Beach. Please see Leisure and Optional Activities for more info. 
13:00 - 16:00 Boat Fishing (See Options for more info). 
14:00 – 16:30 Oedo Botanical Island Tour 1.
14:00 – 16:30 ATVs: Mountain Forest Trail on automatic Quad Motorbikes - Nice Sea and Island views (No license needed. Short training course provided, but people should exercise extreme caution and at own risk).
16:40 – Meet for Sunset Cruise. Have your warm jacket and refreshments ready. We go to the harbour together. Sunset is at 18:00, so we will get back just after dark.
17:00 – 18:30 Sunset Cruise Departs. Most people find this one of the highlights of the tour, so sign up early to guarantee your spot. The cruise will take you around all the famous landmarks like Haegeumgang. Oedo and Naedo. Be stunned with awesome views of all the different island and rock formations with teeming sea-life, magnitude of birds and even occasional whale and dolphin pods. We will also have some music aboard. This is a very unique experience. It can be cold on the boat, so come prepared. The availability and route will be subject to weather conditions.
19:00 – 20:30 BBQ fires lit from 18:30 at 10-minute intervals so that there will be grills ready to BBQ all the time.
21:30 - Whenever: Beach Party with DJ, Cocktails, Games, Marshmallows on the Fire etc. Continue having a wonderful time on the beach for as long as you’d like. We provide a lot of cocktails. If it eventually runs out you can buy beer, soju etc at the convenience store. Cups and balls will be provided for Flip Cup, Beer Pong etc. You can also buy fireworks at the convenience stores to celebrate New Year (Fireworks should ONLY be launched on the beach and in the direction of the sea – Please dispose of used fireworks properly).

FRIDAY, February 16, 2018

08:30 - 09:30 Traditional Lunar Breakfast (See “Food Section” for more info).
09:40 – 12:30 Geoje Island Land Tour (Included) departs for Hakdong Pebble Beach, Sinseondae, Windy Hill and Haegeumgang. Those not going to Jisimdo after the Island Tour can participate in many activities including Oedo Botanical Island, ATVs, Beach Sports, Fishing, Hiking and more.
13:00 Bus departs for Jisepo Marina, Fishing Folklore and Shipbuilding Museums, Sea World and Water Park. Bus immediately departs for Jangseungpo Harbour where people going to Jisimdo (Camellia Island) will get the ferry, so you have to choose.
13:30 – 14:50 Sea World Beluga Whale, Reptile and Dolphin Show. Close-encounter experiences after the show.
13:50 Board Jisim Island Ferry from Jangseungpo Harbour.
14:00 – 16:00 Ferry departs for Jisimdo.
14:00 – 16:30 ATVs (For people not going to Jisepo or Jisimdo – Please see Thursday for more info).
14:00 – 16:30 Oedo Botanical Island Tour 2 (If you could not make Tour 1 on Thursday).
16:10 - Bus departs from Jangseungpo Harbour.
16: 30 – Bus departs from Jisepo.
16:40 – Arrive at Wahyeon Beach.
18:30 – Bus Departs for the a famous Duck BBQ restaurant (Included – Drinks Optional).
19:00 – 20:30 Really tasty meal before most of us will hit the Okpo Bars.
21:00 – People who want to have an earlier night, enjoy more beach time, screen golf or singing room at Wahyeon can get off at Wahyeon Beach.
21:00 – Bus departs directly from Wahyeon Beach to Okpo.
21:20 – 00:00 Start your evening at our choice bar. Linger Longer with darts, live music pool etc or hit a multitude of ex-pat bars, night clubs, singing rooms etc. Please note that over long weekends Okpo might be quitter than usual, but it is always fun. On our tours the short bus ride from Wahyeon to Okpo and back usually involves pumping music, karaoke and dancing.

SATURDAY, February 17, 2018

09:00 – 09:30: Check Out. Please make sure you put all your belongings on the bus.
09:40 – Bus departs for Tongyeong.
10:30 – Arrive at Tongyeong Harbour. Enjoy your freshly made Subway Sandwiches.
10:40 – 12:10 Free time to explore the harbour, turtle ships (tickets for entering the inside of the ships included). Tongyeong Market is a big fish market famous for its variety of fresh fish and unique street food. Take some interesting photos at the mural village of Dong Pirang.
12:20 – Bus departs for Tongyeong Luge & Skyline and the Cable Car up Mireuksan.
12:40 – 15:40 End an amazing weekend with the thrilling Luge Skyline and or the unforgettable views from the Mireuksan Cable Car. They are next to each other. You should be able to do 1 Luge Ride and the Cable Car or 3 Luge rides without the Cable Car within the allotted time. These activities are very popular and over the long weekend the queues might be long.
15:50 – Final count. Bus leaves for your original departure cities at 16:00 sharp.

Most of the time our buses arrive a bit earlier than our projected ETAs because we allow for extra time in the itinerary, but Estimated Times of Arrival are subject to traffic and other conditions. Please take this into consideration if you need other transport from your departure city. We don’t extend the tour to Sunday on purpose because many people appreciate the day’s rest after such a fun-filled weekend.

ETA: Northern Departures:

19:20 Daejeon ETA.
21:30 Yeongtong ETA.
22:30 Seoul ETA.

ETA: Southern & Central Departures:

17:00 Drop Off at Gohyeon Bus Terminal.
18:20 Changwon
19:00 Busan ETA.
21:00 Daegu ETA.


Please Note:
The first question of the booking form might be in Korean. Just enter your e-mail address and your Google language settings should kick in. If not make sure you are signed into Google. In extreme cases you might need to use Google Translate although this is very seldom necessary. 

Please make sure that you enter your correct e-mail address for Individual and Group Organiser Bookings to receive the final arrangements, just before the tour. You can only submit 1 booking per e-mail, so it is important to use the correct e-mail address for group members when submitting their bookings. This is to make sure that everyone knows about any schedule changes.

In cases of people not having an e-mail address just enter nomail@nomail.com, but these members will not get the final arrangements sent to their e-mails, so it is important that you inform them or they can check on the Facebook Event or on the Web Event just before the tour.


There is a short summary of our cancellation policy as well as a disclaimer on our Terms of Service page.
The link is also provided on the booking form and on our web event page.



73 Wahyeon Ro, Irun Myeon, Geoje Island (Geoje Si), Gyeong Sang Nam DoSouth Korea 53329
GPS:  34.813847, 128.708488


Sugi Park
010 5293 3775 (+82 International)
Derrick Smith:
funtrips @waegooktravel.com


9:00 am - 10:00 pm


경남거제시일운면와현로73, 53329