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Lunar New Year 2018: Final Arrangements


*** THURSDAY, February 15, 2018 ***

PLEASE NOTE: (Don’t miss the bus).

Be at least 10 minutes early for all departures. Daejeon and Changwon people please be there at least 20 minutes earlier because the bus can arrive much earlier if there is less traffic than expected.

We only have 2 people from Gumi and 3 people from Busan, so we booked your return intercity bus tickets to Geoje and we will pick you up at Gohyeon Bus Terminal on Geoje at noon. Please be at the right Intercity Bus Terminal and at the right departure platforms for Geoje (Gohyeon Terminal).

05:00 Seoul (Noksapyeong Subway Exit 2).
06:00 Yeongtong – Suwon (Yeongtong Subway Station Exit 1).
08:20 Daejeon (In front of Yongjeon Dong Homeplus).
08:45 Gumi (Gumi Bus Terminal to Geoje Gohyeon Bus Platform).
11:20 Changwon (Main Entrance Changwon Intercity Bus Terminal near Taxi Stand).
10:50 Busan (Sasang Bus Terminal Platform 15 to Geoje Gohyeon Bus Terminal. The bus registration number is 6049. You don’t need tickets. You must take seats 41, 42, 43 and 44). If asked, say they are Waegook Travel seats. You can call Sugi at 010 5293 3775 if you are unsure.
12:00 Geoje (Across from Gohyeon Bus Terminal).
12:30 Check-In at Wahyeon Beach accommodation on Geoje Island.


The itinerary is unchanged except for the Water Park is added for the Jisepo outing after the Island Tour on Friday. Please note that because there are many activities within a limited time, you will have to read the itinerary carefully, discuss it with your friends and choose what you would like to do where more than 1 activity happens at the same time. Some popular activities like Oedo are scheduled more than once, so you can fit more activities into the schedule.


1. Warm Clothes:
The weather forecast looks good for the tour, but on the island the wind can suddenly pick up and then it can get very cold especially on the beach and at night and early mornings. We will spend time outside with the BBQ etc, so please bring thick winter clothing for that.

2. Casual Wear:
Dress wisely because if you are on the beach or going hiking and the weather is nice you will quickly get too hot in winter clothing if the weather is nice. Dressing in layers, can keep you warm and you can easily remove pieces and toss them in a backpack. Comfortable shoes are recommended for walking and hiking. Bring a swimsuit with if you want to go to the Water Park.

3. Toiletries and Sun Protection.
Bring toothpaste, shampoo, soap etc. Towels are provided, but it’s a clever idea to bring a breach towel just in case.

4. Money and Valuables:
Please check with your banks. Some banks close certain transactions over long weekends and you don’t want to get stuck without cash. There are ATM at the convenience store here, but you might want to draw some extra cash. Please be careful not leaving cash or valuable unattended. It is safe here in general, but it’s wise to be careful. Please check which activities, meals etc are optional, so you budget for this. If you have a

5. BBQ:
We remind you that the BBQ is South African style (Braai). We provide you with the meat, salads, fire etc, but we all grill our own meat. This is because it gives people chance to interact and that way you don’t have your meat over or under cooked. There are some expert Braai Masters on the tour and you are welcome to ask for advice. We will provide music, beer pong, flip cup etc. Please don’t be shy. Everyone is encouraged to mingle and participate. We have Bluetooth speakers and music, but please bring your own as well if you would like to play DJ for a while.

6. Schedule Updates:
Please see the itinerary on our web site or Facebook event to plan and to stay up to date with what is happening when. We will also put the printed itinerary up at the main place where we BBQ as well as on the bus window. There might be sudden changes to the itinerary depending on weather or other unforeseen circumstances although we try to stick to the itinerary as far as possible. Please comment on the pinned post on Facebook and communicate with each other. Keeping inquiries in one place will eliminate duplicate requests and enhance clarity. Feel free to call Sugi at 010 5293 3775 if you are unsure about anything while on the tour.

7. A positive and fun attitude.
Please understand what is under our control and what is not. We will do our best to make this weekend a memorable one. If you are patient, socialise with and respect other guests on the tour, we will all have an awesome time.

Please keep the final arrangements with links for later and reference or bookmark the appropriate links.


Web: http://www.waegooktravel.com/lunar-new-year-on-geoje-2018

Facebook Event:

General Info including Departures from Seoul / Busan / Gumi / Geoje:
Derrick and Sugi:  010 5293 3775:
Waegook Travel

Bus Progress: (Yeongtong / Daejeon / Changwon):
Andre and Jin:  010 2316 6039:
Bus Guides and Group Leaders.

We look forward to an amazing weekend and to seeing you all on Thursday.


Derrick and Sugi
(Waegook Travel).