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Group & Custom Tours, Beach House & Rooms and fun activities on Geoje, South Korea.

Lunar New Year 2020
Island Getaway!



It's very important to check your departure times, so you don't miss the bus.
Please be at the departure points at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Special Offer:
Save KRW 30 000 PP!

Although Early Bird 2 already expired, we created a special offer because all the holidays over the Christmas season prevented many people from getting their bookings and payments in earlier.
All bookings with payments between January 4th and Jan 16th will get the original Early Bird 1 Price. This is a whopping saving of KRW 30 000 PP on the normal prices from Jan 17th. We will also refund KRW 10 000 PP to people who booked and paid during Early Bird 2.

Bookings Open!

Lunar New Year 2020
Geoje Island Getaway!

January 24 - 27

Shake of the Winter Cold and treat yourself to a 3 Night / 4 Day Luxury Long Island Weekend at an amazing low package price. Early Bird 1 Prices Starting from ONLY KRW 249 000.

For the 2020 Lunar New Year Tour we offer luxury hotel accommodation for 3 nights on Wahyeon Beach, awesome meals, as well as a cruise and a visit to the ever popular Hansando Island. You can participate in the many exciting activities ranging from ATVs, Tours, Go Karts, Island Tours and much more on offer or you could choose to chill in the Jacuzzi, Private Sauna, relax on the beach or next to the pool etc. The choice is yours.

Best viewing on our web site. Please remember to invite your friends, like and share on the Facebook Event first.


* Geoje Island Luxury Hotel Accommodation:

3 Nights Luxury Accommodation on Wahyeon Beach. The modern hotel has beautiful views over the sea, pool, garden etc and offers amenities like Jacuzzis and double beds in all the rooms for groups of 4 or more guests at no extra charge. Individual travelers and groups smaller than 3 people have the option to upgrade from luxury ondol to rooms with double beds and Jacuzzis at a small charge which includes all 3 nights. All our guests have free access to the private Finnish Saunas and you can take a dip in the cold pool after the sauna.
More Info under Room Options below and in the Booking Form.

* Delicious Meals:

1 Braai (South African Style BBQ)
2 Beach Parties with Free Cocktails
1 Pork BBQ Restaurant
1 Korean Duck BBQ Restaurant
3 Hotel Breakfasts.

* Activities:

Fun on 2 Beaches (Wahyeon and Gujora), Oedo Botanical Island, Forest ATVs, Exciting Go Karts, Stunning Sunset Cruise, Breathtaking Geoje Island Tour, Gonggoji and Bamboo Forest & Fortress Hiking, Fishing, Sea World, Daemyung Resort Water Park with slides and hot pools and more.

Tongyeong & Hansando Day Tour (January 26):
Cruise to the Hansando famous for the Battle of Hansando under General Yi Sun Sin. Lots of natural beauty, historic and cultural assets to explore.
Exhilarating Luge & Skyride and Mireuksan Cable Car.


This trip has been meticulously designed, so you can join as many fun activities as you want to do at your own pace or you can just chill out on the beach, next to the pool, explore on your own or drive away the winter cold in your Jacuzzi or in the sauna. See Options for more info.

Waegook Travel is a licensed travel agency (Grade 1 covering expats – License No 612-13-28058) and we live and operate on Geoje Island. Join your local guides for the best Lunar New Year ever).


* Return Bus to Geoje Island
* Transfers to and from activities.
* 3 Nights’ Luxury Hotel Accommodation on Wahyeon Beach (Features Stunning Rooms, Most Rooms have beautiful Sea Views, Pools, Jacuzzis, Private Finnish Saunas, Restaurant, BBQ Facilities, onsite store and near the beach, shops etc. A variety of room options to suit single travelers and groups.
* 3 Western Style Hotel Breakfasts
* 3 Dinners to look forward to: 1 X Big Lamb Braai (SA Style BBQ next to the fire) / 1 X Pork BBQ Restaurant / 1 X Duck BBQ Restaurant. Vegetarian and Halal Options provided.
* Hansando Island Cruise and Entrance Fee to Jaeseungdang. Explore the history of the famous General Yi Sun Shin’s and enjoy the natural beauty of this beautiful Island.
* Stunning Geoje Island Bus Tour featuring Gujora Beach, Hakdong Pebble Beach, Sinseondae, Windy Hill etc.
* Beach Party with free cocktails, flip cup, beer pong and party music.
* Okpo Live Music Night (Drinks not included).
* Many Free Activities: Beach Time, Gonggoji & Bamboo Forest with Fortress Hiking, Beach Volley Ball, Beach Soccer, Touch Rugby and more.

(Price Per Person):


Sunset Cruise (KRW 25 000), *Mountain Forest ATVs (KRW 25 000), *Boat Fishing (KRW 60 000), *Sea World (KRW 29 000), * Oedo Botanical Island (KRW 29 000), * Tongyeong Luge & Sky Ride (1st Ride KRW 14 000 / Subsequent Rides KRW 5 000), *Mireuksan Cable Car (KRW 14 000), *Exciting Go Karts (KRW 20 000) and *Daemyung Water Park (KRW 28 000).
See "Detailed Info" for activity prices.

Private Room Options:

Any extra charges are Per Person for all 3 Nights (Not Per Night).

- Groups of 4 - No Extra Charge:
Choice of a room with 1 double bed and Jacuzzi and ondol bedding for 2 people or a room with 2 double beds with no Jacuzzi.

- Groups of 5 or 6 - No Extra Charge:
Premium Room with 2 double beds and a Jacuzzi.

- Groups of 6 or more:
Private Ondol Room at no extra charge or a combination of rooms depending on the number of people e.g. 8 people will have a combo of 2 rooms for 4 people, 7 People a combo of rooms for 3 and 4 people etc.

+ Groups of 3 People:
Choice of a shared ondol room with no Jacuzzi at no extra charge or Add only KRW 25 000 PP for Private Rooms as described in Groups of 4 above.

+ Groups of 2 People have a choice of a shared ondol room with no Jacuzzi at no extra charge or to share a room with 2 other people in a room with 2 double beds and no Jacuzzi or Add only KRW 75 000 PP for a private room with 1 double bed and a Jacuzzi.

+ Single Travelers:
Choice of a shared ondol room with no Jacuzzi at no extra charge or Add KRW 200 000 to the tour price for a double private room for 1 Person for 3 Nights.

To enlarge:
* On a PC Click on the image.
* On mobile devices press, hold and select open image or in a new tab.


This exciting and fun-packed Tour usually books out early every year and we have limited rooms available. Book early to avoid disappointment, get your tour much cheaper with our Early Bird Deals and get the best rooms.

Early Bird Discounts: Save up to KRW 30 000 with full payment or a KRW 100 000 Deposit.
All Balances for deposits are due before Bookings close on Monday, January 20th at 20:00.

= Early Bird 1: Prices as you see them in the Tour Price below till Monday, December 16th.
+ Early Bird 2: Add KRW 10 000 for payments or deposits after Monday, December 16th.
+ Early Bird 3: Add KRW 20 000 for payments after Thursday, January 2nd.
+ Normal Price: Add KRW 30 000 for payments after Thursday, January 16th.

It’s a good idea not to wait too long. You save a lot and tours often book out long before bookings close.

All prices are Early Bird 1 Prices Per Person before group and other discounts:

Southern Departures:
Meeting us on Geoje: KRW 249 000
(Busan / Changwon): KRW 259 000.

Central Departures:
(Daegu / Gumi / Daejeon/Jeonju): KRW 269 000.
* Jeonju – Sign up for Daejeon Departure. We will see from your address if you are from Jeonju and confirm a Jeonju Departure if we have at least 20 people from there.

Northern Departures:
(Seoul / Suwon / Cheonan): KRW 279 000.



1. Group Discounts (Groups of 4 or More):
Group Organisers put in work and we reward them! Deduct KRW 5 000 PP in your group including yourself from your own payment. Example: Group of 6 organizer gets KRW 30 000 off his or her own price.

2. Group Accommodation Bonus:
Groups bigger than 4 automatically get premium private rooms.
Private Room Options for smaller groups are cheaper per person with each additional guest added to the group.
For more info see “Fun Options” above.


Children accompanied by their parents qualify for the discounts below:
- Babies under 24 months Free
- 2 – 15 Years Old 20% Off Normal Price (Not Early Bird).

Only the discounts mentioned available. Other discounts are not possible.


Updated Jan 22, 2020:

(All departures on Thursday, September 12 are in the Morning – AM).

05:30 Seoul – Noksapyeong (Noksapyeong Subway Exit 2).
06:30 Suwon (Cheongmyeong Subway Station Exit 1).
09:30 Gumi (In front of Gumi Intercity Bus Terminal by the taxi rank).
12:00 Busan (In front of the Paragon Hotel which is across from Sasang (Seobu) Bus Terminal).
12:00 Geoje - We will pick up the 2 people from Changwon and the 1 person from Daegu. We will be there earlier in case. We drive a White Santa Fe SUV with Registration 9967. Please cross the road in front of Gohyeon Bus Terminal where your bus stopped. We will meet you across from where the taxis stop.
13:30 Arrive at our Hotel at Wahyeon Beach.


You are here to relax, and we made the itinerary as flexible as possible. Plan what you would like to do on which day. Certain activities like ATVs are very popular and will repeat, so you can do them at a time that suits you. Certain activities don’t repeat e.g. Oedo Botanical Island, Geoje Island Tour, Sea World, Luge, Sunset Cruise etc. All Activities are subject to weather, availability etc. Only pay the tour, private room options and Daemyung Water Park option when you book. All other activities can be booked and paid when you get here. Selecting activities in the booking form is just to give us an idea of how many people to expect for each activity.


12:50 Arrive at our Beach Accommodation.

13:00 Check-in at our luxury hotel on Wahyeon Beach.

13:10 – 13:50 Sign up for optional activities, enjoy the beach, pool or start exploring.

14:00 – 16:30 Sea World Dolphin & Beluga Show (KRW 29 000). Reptile Exhibition Included and Close Encounters Options available.

14:00 – 16:30 Wahyeon & Gujora Beach:
Play some beach volleyball, beach soccer and touch rugby or chill at the pool.
Nature lovers can also hike to Gonggoji, Dolphin Point, Wahyeon Observatory, Gujora Bamboo Forest and Fortress etc all with amazing views. People going to Gonggoji or Gujora should be on the bus to Sea World at 14:00 and we will drop them off where the trails start.

14:00 – 15:20 / 15:00 – 16:20 Thrilling Mountain Forest ATVs (KRW 25 000 Per Person). The ATV place is a short walk from our Hotel. Minimum 6 and Maximum 10 Per Group based on availability. The ATVs are only a few minutes’ walk from the hotel.

17:00 – 18:30 Sunset Cruise (KRW 25 000 for a spectacular 1 hour 20 minutes cruise around famous landmarks including Haegeumgang, Oedo Botanical Island, Naedo, Gonggoji etc). Refreshments and music provided free.
Highly recommended. You will take the best snapshots of your life.
Minimum 20 People Per Boat – Maximum 120 People Per Boat.

19:00 BBQ Fires lit.

19:30 – 20:30 Our Signature Lamb BBQ (Included). (Halal and Vegetarian Options available).
2 Big Lamb Chops, Creamy Pasta Salad and Mixed Salad. Mouth-watering South African style BBQ (Braai). Wonderful time to socialize. You can grill your own meat or ask someone you trust in your group if you would like the meat grilled to your own taste. If you are satisfied with your meat medium cooked, you can leave your meat in the hands of our braai masters. You are welcome to come back for seconds because there is always more than enough.

21:00 - …:
Beach Party (Included) with Bon Fire, Music and lots of Free Cocktails.
Subject to weather – Will be held in the hotel restaurant in case of bad weather.
Socialize with Flip Cup, Beer Pong etc.


09:00 – 10:00 Western Style Hotel Breakfast.
10:10 – 13:30 Enchanting Geoje Island Bus Tour (Included) & Go Karts (KRW 20 000 PP).
The Tour will feature the top Geoje Island attractions including Hakdong Pebble Beach, Sinseondae, Windy Hill and Haegeumgang.
On the way back you can do optional Go-Karting on an exciting new track right next to the sea.
14:00 – 17:00 Spectacular Oedo Botanical Island Tour 2 (KRW 29 000 PP including Ferry and Island Park Admission).
14:00 – 17:00 ATVs Repeat – See Friday for description.
14:00 – 17:30 Wahyeon Beach & Gujora Beach Repeat except the bus will not go to Sea World. See Friday for description:
19:00 – 23:00 Depart for Pork BBQ Dinner and Live Music Okpo Night at Handle Bar. After dinner we will take you to a place we arranged prior to the tour where we can enjoy a live band, play some pool, darts etc. There are also many other expat bars to choose from.
People who want to skip the Okpo Night can go back to the Wahyeon Beach after we drop the people off in Okpo. People who want to stay in Okpo later than 23:00 can take a taxi back to Wahyeon for about KRW 12 000. Don’t get back too late because we depart at 11:00 AM for Tongyeong and we have to be at the Cruise Terminal at 12:30. 


09:00 – 10:30 Western Style Hotel Breakfast.
11:00 Bus departs for Tongyeong.
12:30 Boarding Hansando Cruise. 
13:20 Arrive on Hansando. Explore the famous Jeseungdang temple dedicated to the Battle of Hansando under General Yi Sun Sin after which you can explore at own leisure.
14:50 Boarding Ferry for Tongyeong.
15:20 Arrive in Tongyeong
16:00 Tongyeong Luge & Skyride.
We will get tickets in advance which cuts your waiting time. You can get a snack from one of the many stalls at the Luge to still the hunger till our delicious Duck BBQ Dinner. Race down in an exhilarating Luge. The Skyride up to the starting point of the Luge also gives you a great view of the incredible seascape and city of Tongyeong (KRW 14 000 PP including 1 Luge Ride which includes the Skyride and KRW 5 000 PP for subsequent rides).
18:30 Depart for the Duck Restaurant
19:00 – 20:00 Duck BBQ (Included). 
Enjoy a delicious Duck BBQ dinner (Drinks not included).
21:00 Arrive at our Wahyeon Hotel on Geoje.
22:20 - …Beach Party Repeats (Please see Friday for more info).


09:00 – 10:30 Hotel Breakfast
11:00 – 11:20 Hotel Check Out.
11:30 Depart for original departure cities. A fantastic tour draws to a close and we depart early to avoid the long weekend traffic and get you all back home early so you can rest before work on Tuesday.


13:00 Busan
14:00 Changwon
16:00 Daegu
17:00 Gumi

NORTHERN DEPARTURES (Northern Cities’ Bus): 

15:30 Daejeon
17:30 Cheonan
18:30 Suwon.
19:30 Seoul Noksapyeong.
20:30 Seoul Nowon

We usually arrive earlier or on time, but we allowed for extra time etc time. Please keep this in mind for appointments or transport arrangements from our arrival cities.


You join this tour and any activities at own risk. When booking this tour, you agree to our terms and conditions and indemnify us against any injury or losses sustained while on this tour.

A. Cancellations more than 60 days before the event 10%
B. Cancellations less than 60 but more than 30 days before the event 30%
C. Cancellations less than 30 but more than 15 days before the event 50%.
D. Trips cancelled 15 days or less before the event - No Refund Possible.


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Don't miss out. Mark the dates Jan 24 - 27 and save and share this link with your friends now to get the lowest Early Bird Prices and the best rooms. 2020 Only has only a few long weekends and deals like this don't often come along.