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Holi Hai 2018: Final Arrangements!

VIP Tour Itinerary:
March 17 – 18:


Tour Leaders:
Seoul / Yeongtong / Cheonan / Daejeon: Juanita Lai
Gumi / Daegu / Busan: Sunny Kang
Ulsan / Changwon / Geoje: Sugi Park

All departures in the morning (AM).

Northern Departures:

05:30 Seoul (Noksapyeong Subway Exit 2).
06:20 Yeongtong – Suwon (Yeongtong Subway Station Exit 1).
07:20 Cheonan – In front of Sinsegae Department store across from Mr. Pizza (Sinsegae is by Cheonan Intercity Bus Terminal).
08:20 Daejeon (In front of Yongjeon Dong Homeplus).
11:40 ETA Wahyeon Beach, Geoje Island.

Central and Southern Departures:

08:40 Daegu (In front of NH Bank across from Sinsegae Department Store by Dong Daegu Intercity Bus Terminal).
09:20 Ulsan (Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal).
10:00 Changwon (Changwon Intercity Bus Terminal)
10:00 Busan In front of Paragon Hotel across from Sasang Intercity Bus Terminal.
11:10 Geoje (Across from Gohyeon Bus Terminal).
11:40 ETA Wahyeon Beach, Geoje Island

Saturday, after arrival:

12:00 – 14:30 Geoje Tour (Included). 2 Hours 30 Minutes (Gujora, Hakdong Pebble Beach, Sinseondae and Windy Hill near Haegeumgang).
12:00 – 16:30 People choosing not to go on the Island Tour can chill on the beach or participate in optional activities including ATVs, Kayaking, Sea World, 2 Museums, beach volley ball or soccer (See Options).
14:40 - Check into Beach Accommodation.
16:30 Meet for Sunset Cruise (See Sunset Cruise below).
17:20 – 18:50 Sunset Cruise (Definite highlight – Celebrate St Paddy’s in absolute island splendour).
19:30 – 21:30 Lamb BBQ Feast.
21:30 … St Paddy’s Beach Party with green island cocktails.


08:00 – 10:00 Breakfast (Sausage, Fried Eggs, Toast, Cheese, Jam and Coffee or Tea).
08:30 – 11:00 Oedo Botanical Island for those who couldn’t go on Saturday (See Options).
9:00 AM – 11:30 Issue Holi Colors, Holi Caps, Snacks (Samosa) to paid registered participants. You can order your play kits through us at cost of KRW 10 000 when booking. All Play Kits must be collected before 11:30.
11:00 - 11:30 Check out and put your luggage in the bus you arrived on.
11:40 – 15:30 Holi Hai Festival. For the Holi Hai schedule please see:
13:00 – 14:00 Lamb Curry and Rice for people who ordered (Take-Out).
14:00 – 15:00 Lamb Curry for people who want to buy there (Take-Out). Subject to availability.
16:00 Buses depart for original departure cities. You can get back earlier than our ETA if everyone is on the bus on time.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival in cities you departed from).
Please note that all departures, activity schedules and ETAs are subject to weather conditions, traffic, bus routes etc.

Geoje 16:40 / Busan 17:50 / Changwon 18:10 (Bus Departs 17:05) / Ulsan 18:30 (Bus Departs 16:40) / Daegu 19:30
Daejeon 19:40 / Cheonan 20:50 / Yeongtong 21:50 / Seoul 22:40


This is definitely a big highlight of the tour. Many people already completed the short booking form or asked me to add them to the Sunset Cruise. It is only KRW 25 000 and we will be serving our famous cocktails, so join us for a beautiful cruise combined with some St Paddy’s celebrations. The cruise will last an hour and a half. By confirming your spot by booking or notifying us in advance, your spot will be secured, and you won’t have to complete the regulatory cruise forms before boarding because we will already have printed a list. The Sunset Cruise can be paid there or in advance. More info at:

Any outstanding balances for options not yet paid for will be collected on the tour.


1. Warm Clothes:
The weather forecast looks good for the tour, but on the island the wind can suddenly pick up and then it can get very cold especially on the beach and at night and early mornings. We will spend time outside with the BBQ etc, so please bring thick winter clothing for that. Make sure to bring something warm for the sunset cruise.

2. Casual Wear:
Dress wisely because if you are on the beach or going hiking and the weather is nice you will quickly get too hot in winter clothing if the weather is nice. Dressing in layers, can keep you warm and you can easily remove pieces and toss them in a backpack. Comfortable shoes are recommended. Bring an old or cheap White T-Shirt for Holi Hai Festival. Don’t wear expensive clothes on Sunday. They will also be selling a limited amount of White T-Shirt (M / L / XL on Saturday) for KRW 5 000. Let me know if you want me to pre-order any.

3. Toiletries and Sun Protection.
Bring toothpaste, shampoo, soap etc. Towels are provided, but it’s a clever idea to bring a breach towel just in case.

4. Money and Valuables:
Please check with your banks. There are ATM at the convenience store here, but you might want to draw some extra cash, because there will be over 2 000 people here, maybe much more. Please be careful not leaving cash or valuable unattended. It is safe here in general, but it’s wise to be careful. Please check which activities, meals etc are optional, so you budget for this. If you have a


We remind you that the BBQ is South African style (Braai). We provide you with the meat, salads, fire etc, but we all grill our own meat. This is because it gives people chance to interact and that way you don’t have your meat over or under cooked. There are some expert Braai Masters on the tour and you are welcome to ask for advice. We will provide music, beer pong, flip cup etc. Please don’t be shy. Everyone is encouraged to mingle and participate. We have Bluetooth speakers and music, but please bring your own as well if you would like to play DJ for a while. We are 100 people, so we can not all BBQ in one place. It will take too long. We will probably BBQ at the different guest houses and guests from those guest houses will be provided with everything for the BBQ. After the BBQ everyone is invited to join us for the Beach Party and cocktails which will be in front of the K&T convenience store next to Waegook Travel’s Beach House.
Breakfast will be served at Paris Guest House. This is the place we first meet when you arrive. We might also deliver breakfast to some bigger guest houses. Sugi will call the group organiser to arrange the time for the delivery.


Please see the itinerary on our web site or Facebook event to plan and to stay up to date with what is happening when. We will also put the printed itinerary up at the main place where we BBQ as well as on the bus window. There might be sudden changes to the itinerary depending on weather or other unforeseen circumstances although we try to stick to the itinerary as far as possible. Please comment on the pinned post on Facebook and communicate with each other. Keeping enquiries in one place will eliminate duplicate requests and enhance clarity. Feel free to call Sugi at 010 5293 3775 if you are unsure about anything while on the tour.


There will be many police officers here and there are certain rules which in short involves no disorderly behaviour, no drinking or smoking on the beach and no entering the water with Holi Hai Powder etc to protect the marine life. There are 3 public bathrooms along the beach where you can wash of some of the powder off before your journey back.


Please understand what is under our control and what is not. We will do our best to make this weekend a memorable one. If you are patient, socialise with and respect other guests on the tour, we will all have an awesome time.

Please keep the final arrangements with links for later and reference or bookmark the appropriate links at the top of this e-mail.



HOLI HAI WEBSITE: General Event Info




Derrick (Waegook Travel – General Enquiries): funtrips@waegooktravel.com

General Inquiries: 

Call Sugi: 010 5293 3775

See you soon!

Thanks for joining us. 
We look forward to seeing you all and to a FUN Weekend.

Derrick and Sugi