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Frequently Asked Questions:

Camping & Custom Trips.

Here is a reply to a recent enquiry. This should answer many questions you might have. Still feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We suggest you book your camping and accommodation well in advance during the summer months. We offer group discounts for big groups of friends, company team buildings etc.

From 30 to 44 people a charter bus makes big sense. The amount of departures, distance, the size of the group and the time of year will influence the price. For smaller groups public buses make more sense.

There are direct buses from most major cities including, Gumi, Daegu, Busan, Seoul, Daejeon etc. There are 3 buses a day from Gumi and back, 6 buses from Daegu and back and many buses from Busan. There are two ways of booking bus tickets:

BUS (Prices):

1. You can book return tickets online with a credit card. You need to show your credit card to collect your tickets at the bus terminal. The sites are in Korean. We have helped many people book their tickets online, but will need a debit or credit card from one person from each city because you need to show that credit card to collect the tickets.

2. You can go to the bus terminal a week before the trip and book your tickets here. You can let us know how many people from Gohyeon Terminal to which city and what time and we can buy your tickets here in advance. We will pay the return tickets here and you can pay us when you get here.

Busan has two options. You can book the inter-city bus like in 1 and 2 above or you can take a local city bus which is only about KRW 4 000 one way. There are many city buses (No 2 000) leaving from Hadan to Okpo. A taxi is also cheaper from here than Gohyeon. A taxi from Gohyeon to Gujora takes about 20 minutes and the cost is about KRW 20 000 one way, but it depends on traffic etc. This is the fastest and most convenient way if 4 people share a taxi. If only 1 or 2 people a city bus will work better. It takes about 40 minutes (subject to traffic) and costs about KRW 1 300 per person regardless of departure or arrival on Geoje Island. City bus numbers from Gohyeon to Wahyeon Beach, Gujora Beach and the rest of the Geoje East Coast (Dongbu) is No 22 and 23.

TENTS (KRW 25 000 - KRW 30 000 Per Person / Per Night):

People are welcome to use their own tents. Please let us know how many people want to rent tents. Our tent rentals work well for people who don't want to drag lots of equipment around on buses, taxis etc. They are cheap and we also provide the other essentials like sleeping bags, sleeping mats, lanterns etc.

During the summer vacation there might be a small charge for camping on the beach by the city counsel. Outside summer vacation camoing on the beach will usually be free.

Our accommodation and camping is near our office with a convenience store and restaurant. You can get all the basics and order our hearty English Breakfasts, Schnitzels with Pepper Jack Cheese Sauce, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries etc from our restaurant located at our office. If you feel like pizza, Chinese food or chicken we can also help you order. There are some reasonably priced local Korean restaurants nearby. There are many sashimi restaurants, but they are very pricey.

The accommodation and camping is also near the public bathrooms (Public showers are available during the summer vacation). Outside the summer vacation the bathrooms are open, but the showers are closed. In this case we have showers available at KRW 3 000 per person, per shower.

Tent Rentals will be subject to weather conditions. In the case of typhoon warnings, very strong winds or unuasally high tides, camping will be cancelled and you will be given the opportunity to come on another weekend. We will issue a warning in advance. In the case of normal rain without storm conditions the trip will go ahead as planned. If people want to upgrade to normal guest house accommodation, they are welcome to let us know, but during the peak season alternative accommodation might not be available. Please enquire in advance for room and rates. Our Price Link will give an indication, but we can often get you a better deal when off-season.

BRAAI (SA Style BBQ) - KRW 25 000 Per Person:

Our Braai Packs are very popular. The choices are Lamb, Steak and Vegetarian. We provide big portions of quality meat with 2 salads, braai broodjies etc. All grills, cooking and eating utensils, Cooler Box etc are provided free of charge as part of the Braai Packs. Charcoal is usually not included, but if enough people order Braai Packs, we will provide charcoal for the braai as well.

ACTIVITIES: (We provide all bookings for activities at cost , but you get priority treatment when booking with us in advance).

Most activities are located near our office where the accommodation and camping is located.

Sea Kayaking (KRW 20 000 Single / KRW 35 000 Double - Per Hour):

The kayaking is about 2 or 3 minutes walk from our office. You can explore a small island with crystal clear water and a cave. This is very popular and should be booked in advance.

ATVs (KRW 25 000 Per Hour ):

The ATVs are located about 5 minutes drive from our office. You will be transported there free of charge. It's a challenging experience with beautiful forests and stunning sea-views.

Island Ferries:

The ferry terminal is a 10 minute walk from our office and you can take a ferry from there to beautiful islands like Naedo (KRW 10 000 - Return) and the popular Oedo Botanical Island (KRW 30 000 including admission - Needs to be booked in advance). From Wahyeon we will provide transport if you take the longer, scenic trip from Gujora.

Fishing, Off-Shore Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing.

Also nearby and transport will be provided free of charge. Rods and reels can be rented for KRW 10 000 for beach and rock fishing or you can buy a rod and reel for KRW 20 000. Off-shore fishing is KRW 60 000 per person for 3 and a half hours and includes rods, reels, tackle and bait. Deep-Sea fishing lasts 4 hours and costs KRW 150 000 Per Person. If you have your own rods, reels, tackle, lures etc the price is only KRW 120 000. There are some big fish out there and you will not be allowed to go without decent equipment. A rod and reel sufficient for the job will cost about KRW 400 000.

Other activities:

Activities like the Go Karts, Zip-Line, Gaeryeong Mountain ATVs, POW museum and Monorail and are quite far from our office, so these options are usually only available on one of the Waegook Travel Tours.

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Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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