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Group & Custom Tours, Beach House & Rooms and fun activities on Geoje, South Korea.

Chuseok 2019 Details

OPTIONS (Not Included):

+ Private Room for 1 / 2 People Only: Add KRW 120 000 per room for all 3 nights.
+ Private Room for 3 or more People Only: Free only as part of a group booking.

+ Luxury Room for 4 / 5 People with Sea View and Jacuzzi for 2 nights on Wahyeon Beach and 2 private rooms in Tongyeong: Add KRW 160 000 for 4 People and KRW 180 000 for 5 people (Minimum 4 People / Max 5).

 + Sunset Cruise 1.5 Hours - KRW 25 000 per person (Minimum 20 Per Boat – Max 120 Per Boat).
+ Sea World Dolphin and Whale Show - KRW 22 000 (Swim with the dolphins and other options available).
+ Mountain Forest ATVs: KRW 25 000 Per Person (1 Hour).
+ Luge & Skyride: KRW 12 000. See the link for photos, videos and more info: https://www.skylineluge.com/en/tongyeong/
+ Oedo Botanical Island: KRW 30 000 (Ferry and Park Fees Included).
+ Sea Kayaking and snorkeling around Yundol Island: 1 Hour 30 Minutes KRW 20 000 PP.
+ Sea Kayaking or Paddle Board at Wahyeon: 1 Hour KRW 10 000 PP.
+ Bottom fishing from the boat: KRW 60 000 (Minimum 4 Maximum 10 Per Boat). (Gear and Bait Included). 
+ KRW Shore Fishing: KRW 20 000 Per Person (Gear and Bait Included).

Many things are included in this tour. Please see the Included Section. All options, meals, private transport and items not listed under the Included Section are optional.


Geoje Island 2 Nights on Wahyeon Beach: All Beach Rooms and only a few seconds walk from the beach. Most rooms are ondol. Some rooms have double beds and preference will be given to private room options for 1 or 2 guests and early bookings.

Tongyeong 1 Night:
Modern Motel by the harbor and near all the markets, restaurants etc. Most small rooms have a double bed. Bigger rooms are mostly ondol.

1 Person or 2 People in a group can book their own room at a small additional cost for the 3 nights (See Options above).

Individuals and groups smaller than 3 can be placed with other people in a room, Groups of 3 or more will only share a room with their group. We do our best to match friend sharing requests, sexes, interests, residing cities etc. If you want your own room you must make a group booking of 3 or more people and book early or choose a private room option.

The majority of rooms are Ondol. Rooms with beds, sea-view etc will be allocated in order of private options and then time of booking, so make sure to invite your friends to your group and book early. Please note that there is a maximum of 1 double bed in the rooms offering beds. There are no single beds.

Group and Early Bookings always get the best rooms, so don’t delay!


We provide 3 quality Breakfasts and 3 delicious Dinners (Some home cooked and others at popular restaurants (See the Itinerary).

We try and cater for everyone and most of our meals are Halal and Hindu friendly with Vegetarian options.

3 Breakfasts:
1 Home Cooked English Breakfast on Friday with bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, cheese, jam and coffee.
1 Burger King Burger on the bus to Tongyeong on Saturday.
1 Korean Buffet Breakfast on Sunday.

3 Dinners:
Our BBQ night on Thursday Night is always a big winner with 2 Big Lamb Chops about 600 grams (Halal), Potato Salad, Mixed Green Salad and Tomato. The Pork BBQ on Geoje and the Duck BBQ in Tongyeong are also very popular on our tours. All the meals mentioned above are included (Drinks are not included).

People can also get light meals at the convenience store or ask us to order (Chuseok Day orders might be unavailable.


WOW Weekend! (Relax or Go Extreme – Up to you) – Let your imagination go wild with options from A-Z! This is a fully customised tour with many options which will suit everyone’s taste and pocket.


Chill on the most beautiful beaches in Korea, free tour of the famous Geoje landmarks including stunning Haegeumgang, Hakdong Pebble Beach, incredible Sinseondae and Windy Hill. Geoje Island, Oedo Botanical Island and Bijindo are rated under the top most beautiful islands by CNN.

This year we added Bijindo Island.
Spend the day on this iconic hour glass beach with the ocean on both sides or hike up the mountain for awesome photos of the island. It’s a good idea to get some snacks and refreshments at the harbour or on the ferry. There are some stores on Bijindo, but they are not always well stocked and over Chuseok it’s better to be prepared.

Awesome hikes on the tour include nearby trails to stunning Gonggoji, Dolphin Point, a historic fortress and bamboo forest and of course the mountain with amazing views of Bijindo. You can of course just chill out fishing on the beach or rocks or try your luck at the big ones off-shore. You will have to be selective if you want to relax. Best to plan ahead what you would like to do on which day. See the itinerary for activities repeating and activities just happening once. Geoje has so much to see and do. We give you maximum options, but even if you explore full time for 4 days you will have to come back to see more.

Rev it Up!

Fun BBQ, Beach Party with music, free cocktails, beer pong and flip cup, ATVs, Kayaking, Beach Volley Ball, Touch Rugby, Beach Soccer you name it. You will have the time of your life. The Okpo Night is a great night out: After the Pork BBQ we will take you to a place we arranged prior to the tour where we can enjoy a live band, play some pool, darts etc. There are also many other expat bars to choose from. People who want to skip the Okpo Night can go back to the Wahyeon Beach after we drop the people off in Okpo. People who want to stay in Okpo later than 23:00 can take a taxi back to Wahyeon for about KRW 12 000. Don’t get back too late because we depart at 09:00 AM for the awesome Bijindo Island Tour.

If you would like to just hang out at the beach or enjoy Geoje Island's beautiful nature instead you are welcome to do so.