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Chuseok 2018: Island Getaway!

Bookings Open!


Another awesome Chuseok Long Weekend by Waegook Travel and Good Times Rok.

The itinerary is unique every year. Check out our event video and the video below from previous tours. It will give you a taste of what the fun in store this Chuseok:

Waegook Travel is a licensed travel agency (Grade 1 covering expats – License No 612-13-28058) and we live and operate on Geoje Island. Join the locals for the best Chuseok ever).
By popular demand a night in Tongyeong as well as a long Yokji Island Cruise and a day on this spectacular island was INCLUDED.

More options such as the Tongyeong Skyride and Luge, new Go Karts next to the sea and River Rafting Near the stunning Jiri Mountain were also added to an already long list of options…

3 Nights / 4 Days from less than KRW 249 000 with Discounts.

Saturday, September 22 - Tuesday, September 25).

All prices are Early Bird 1 Prices Per Person before discounts:

(See Group and Child Discounts)!

Early Bird 2: Add KRW 10 000 for payments after Wednesday, August 15th (Extended till Friday, August 17).
Normal Price: Add KRW 20 000 for payments after Wednesday, September 5th.

Meeting us at our accommodation on Geoje KRW 249 000
Southern and Central Departures KRW 269 000
Northern Departures KRW 279 000.

Pay Plan:

If you want to ensure your booking and Early Bird Price, but you are on a budget, you can book and deposit KRW 100 000 and pay the balance before September 18.


Return Bus to Geoje Island, Island Tours and Transfers to and from activities.
3 Nights’ Accommodation (2 Nights Guest House Accommodation (Pension) on Geoje Island right by the beach PLUS 1 Night’s motel accommodation in Tongyeong near the harbour).
3 X Breakfast / Brunch: 1 X English Breakfast / 1 X Indian Lamb Curry / 1 X Hotdog BBQ
2 Dinners: 1 X Big Lamb BBQ / 1 X “All You can Eat” Korean Buffet BBQ
2 Nights’ Beach Party with free cocktails, flip cup, beer pong and party music.
1 Yokji Island Return Ferry and Bus Tour
Free: Beach Volley Ball, Beach Soccer and Touch Rugby.
Free: Swimming, Beach Time, River Swim, Hiking and much more…

Sunset Cruise * Sea Kayaking and snorkelling into caves and around Yundeol Island* Mountain Forest ATVs * Boat Fishing* Watersports * Sea World * Oedo Botanical Island * Snorkeling, Tongyeong Luge, exciting Go Karts and more…

Private Rooms:
+ Private Room for 1 Person Only: Add KRW 120 000 for all 3 nights.
+ Private Room for 2 People Only: Add KRW 60 000 per person for all 3 nights (Limited).
+ Private Room for 3 or more People: Free as part of a group booking.
For more info about accommodation and other options etc, you can click on "Details"

CUSTOM TRIP: This trip has been meticulously designed, so you can just chill out or join as many fun activities as you want at your own pace.
See Options for more info.

Important: ARC or Passport:

You have to bring your ARC if you have one and if you don't have an ARC, you need to bring your passport because it is required for ferry trips to islands like Oedo and Yokjido. If you don't have this, you can still come on the tour, but you won't be able to go to Oedo or Yokjido.


All departures on Saturday are in the Morning – AM.
(Please see departure info / Food / Nightlife / Activities for more info)!


05:00 Nowon (Junggeye Green Park in front of Brownstone Apartments near Exit 4).
05:30 Seoul (Noksapyeong Subway Exit 2).
06:30 Yeongtong – Suwon (Yeongtong Subway Station Exit 1).
07:30 Cheonan In front of Sinsegae Department store across from Mr. Pizza (Sinsegae is by Cheonan Intercity Bus Terminal).
08:50 Daejeon (In front of Yongjeon Dong Homeplus).


08:30 Gumi: Intercity Bus Terminal by the taxi stand.
09:10 Dong Daegu: NH Bank Across from Shinsegae Department Store’s Main Entrance.
10:20 Busan: In front of the Paragon Hotel across from Sasang (Seobu) Intercity Bus Terminal.
11:00 Changwon: In front of the taxi stand at Changwon Intercity Terminal.
..:.. Geoje – Meet us any time after 09:00 at Wahyeon Beach.
(Please note that if you come to Geoje with public transport, you will have to book your return trip from any of the other cities above because after the rafting our bus will not go back to Geoje).


Saturday, September 22.

13:00 – 13:30 Arrive at our Beach Accommodation.
Check-in at our beach rooms.
Gujora and Wahyeon Beach are both charming and less than 5 minutes’ drive from each other.
We will announce shortly which beach we will be staying at.

13:20 Book optional activities or enjoy the beach.

14:00 – 18:00 Swimming, play some beach volleyball, beach soccer and touch rugby (Free).
Nature lovers can also hike to the bamboo forest and old fortress with amazing views (Free).

14:10 Spectacular Oedo Botanical Island Tour 1 (KRW 28 000 PP including Ferry and Island Park Admission).
(If you want to go to both Oedo and Sea World, you can go to Oedo on Sunday at 15:20).

14:00 – 18:10 Thrilling Mountain Forest ATVs (KRW 25 000 Per Person)
Transport to the ATVs every hour on the hour and transport back every hour at 10 minutes past the hour.

15:00 Geoje Sea World (KRW 22 000 PP).
Not going to Sea World you can also visit:
Jisepo Marina and 2 Museums (Shipbuilding and Fishing Folklore – KRW 3 000 for both)
Maybe grab some lunch, coffee, waffles etc. All within a short walk from each other).

15:00 – 18:00 Boat Fishing (KRW 60 000 PP).
(If you want to go to do fishing and go to Oedo, you can go to Oedo on Sunday at 15:20).

17:00 – 19:00 Sunset Cruise (KRW 25 000 for a spectacular one and a half hour cruise around famous landmarks including Haegeumgang, Oedo Botanical Island, Naedo, Gonggoji etc). Refreshments and music provided free.
Highly recommended. You will take the best snapshots of your life.
Minimum 20 People Per Boat – Maximum 120 People Per Boat.

19:30 BBQ fires are lit.

08:00 – 21:30 Our Signature Lamb BBQ (Included). (Halal and Vegetarian Options available).
2 Big Lamb Chops, Creamy Pasta Salad, Mixed Salad and Braai Broodjies.
Mouth-watering South African style BBQ (Braai). Wonderful time to socialize.

21:30 - …:
Beach Party 1 (Included) with Bon Fire, Music and lots of Free Cocktails.
Subject to weather –Undercover option next to the beach in case of strong wind or rain.
Socialize with Flip Cup, Beer Pong etc.

Sunday, September 23

09:00 – 10:00 Full English Breakfast (Included) with Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Baked Beans, Toast, Cheese, Jam and Coffee – Vegetarian options available.

10:10 – 13:30 Enchanting Geoje Island Bus Tour (Included) & Go Karts (KRW 20 000 PP).
The Tour will feature the top Geoje Island attractions including Hakdong Pebble Beach, Sinseondae, Windy Hill and Haegeumgang.
On the way back you can do optional Go-Karting on an exciting new track right next to the sea.

14:00 – 18:00 Delightful Gujora Beach. Kayaking into caves and snorkelling around Yundol Island with its crystal-clear water (KRW 20 000 PP / 1 Hour 30 Minutes).
You can also swim, play some beach volleyball, beach soccer and touch rugby (Free).

14:00 – 18:10 Thrilling Mountain Forest ATVs (KRW 25 000 Per Person)
Transport to the ATVs every hour on the hour and transport back to Gujora Beach every hour at 10 minutes past the hour.

15:00 Spectacular Oedo Botanical Island Tour 2 (KRW 28 000 PP including Ferry and Island Park Admission).

19:00 – 22:00 Depart for Fun Okpo Night with many expat restaurants and bars to choose from.
You can choose from fast food, Korean BBQs and local delicacies or from a range of foreign restaurants. Very popular is Bombay Brau, Way to India and Rio Grill.
Some bars have pool tables, dart boards, live sport and live music.
People who don’t want to go to Okpo can eat one of the restaurants at Wahyeon Beach or we can order pizza, chicken or Chinese (Okpo has a bigger variety to choose from).
People who want to go back to the Wahyeon Beach earlier than 22:00 or stay in Okpo later than 22:00 can take a taxi back to Wahyeon for about KRW 12 000.
Don’t get back too late because we depart at 09:00 AM for the awesome Yokji Island Tour.

Monday, September 24 (Chuseok)

09:00 Depart for Samdeok Harbour in Tongyeong.
Indian Lamb Curry (Halal) and rice will be served on the bus (Veggie Curry available) - Included.

10:30 Board the cruise for magnificent Yokji Island (Return Cruise Included).
A multitude of breath-taking islands, fishing boats and sea gulls following, offer spectacular photo opportunities from the ferry to Yokjido and back on this amazing cruise.

12:00 – 16:00 Yokji Island.
Fun Bus Tour around this stunning island and stopping at the most scenic attractions and adoring little beach.
You can also rent ATVs, buggies etc to explore other hidden gems (KRW 25 000 / 1 Hour and 20 Minutes).

16:00 Group Photo and Board the cruise back to Tongyeong.

17:30 Depart for the ever so popular Luge in Tongyeong.

18:00 – 20:00 Exhilarating race down in a Luge.
The Skyride up also gives you a great view of the incredible seascape in Tongyeong (KRW 12 000).
You can buy delicious snacks from street vendors located on site. Lots to choose from.
Don’t eat too much, because after the Luge we will go to an “Eat as much as you can Buffet BBQ”

20:30 – 22:00 Eat as Much as you Can Korean BBQ (Included).
This restaurant has a tremendous variety of meat and side dishes to choose from.
Eat your heart out, but only dish up what you can finish and then go back for more.
You will be charged a penalty if you leave food on your plate.

22:00 Depart for Tongyeong Motel.
Check-in as soon as we arrive.
It is easy to get lost in the windy side streets. Please mark the spot well. Taking a motel business card will also help.

23:00 Free time.
Explore the area, enjoy some karaoke with friends or have a couple of drinks at one of the local places.

Tuesday, September 25:

11:00 Check Out
We check out late, so that you can grab a bite to eat and explore.
We will have a hot dog BBQ after the rafting, so make sure to eat something before we depart for rafting.
Attractions to explore includes Don Pirang Mural Village, The Turtle Ships and Tongyeong Traditional Sea Food Market.
Please have your stuff at the bus, by 11 AM.

11:10 Depart for exhilarating River Rafting.

12:10 Arrive at Sancheong near exquisite Jiri Mountain.

12:30 – 14:30 River Rafting (KRW 20 000).
You can also swim and relax on the banks of the Gyeongho River if you just want to chill.
Take a refreshing shower before the BBQ.

14:30 – 16:00 Hotdog BBQ under gazebos.
Delicious BBQ Hotdogs each with all the trimmings (Included).
Quick Group Photo and Lucky Draw before an amazing weekend draws to a close.

16:10 Depart for original departure cities.

Northern Departures: 

18:30 Daejeon ETA.
19:50 Cheonan ETA.
21:00 Yeongtong ETA.
22:30 Seoul ETA.

Southern & Central Departures:

17:30 Changwon ETA
18:30 Busan ETA
20:00 Dong Daegu ETA
21:00 Gumi ETA

We usually arrive earlier or on time, but keep traffic etc in mind for appointments or transport arrangements from our arrival cities.


GROUP ORGANIZER (Total group discount deducted from the organiser’s tour price):
Bookings of 3 or more adults: KRW 5 000 Per Adult.
Groups of 3 or more will also get their own private rooms. Room size depends on the group size

* Please note that the group discount of KRW 5 000 can't be deducted for children below because they are already receiving child discounts.

Children accompanied by their parents qualify for the discounts below:
* Babies under 24 months Free
* 2 – 7 Years Old 50% Off Normal Price (Not Early Bird).
* 8 – 15 Years Old 20% Off Normal Price (Not Early Bird).

Proof of Date of Birth might be requested.

Only the discounts mentioned are available. Other discounts are not possible.

* Please click “DETAILS” to view an exact description of the accommodation, food, options, buses, highlights etc.


Please refer to our cancellation policy at the top of the booking form.


Waegook Travel – General Enquiries as well as Southern and Central Departures:
E-Mail Derrick: [email protected]
Call Sugi: 010 5293 3775

GTR – Northern Departures:
E-Mail Michael: [email protected]gmail.com
Call: Michael: 010 9459 8677

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