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Group & Custom Tours, Beach House & Rooms and fun activities on Geoje, South Korea.

Boryeong Mudfest WILD!

Fun Package Tour to Boryeong Mudfest includes free mudflats.

Boryeong Mudfest WILD: 2019!

Last Minute Deal: Only 99 000 PP from all Departures!


INCLUDED: Return Party Bus & Cocktails & Mudflats & Accommodation near the Beach and Mud Action.
Save KRW 10 000 PP (Central) - KRW 20 000 PP (South)!

Bookings Closing Tuesday Night, July 16th at 22:00!
All bookings and payments should be in by then to still be able to join this year's Mudfest Weekend.

You just found the best Mudfest Tour in Korea.

Bringing you the Mudfest since 2005 and in association with Good Times Rok, there is no better trip out there! Waegook Travel, GTR and Adventure Korea will team up for maximum fun on the Mudflats and we are the only 3 companies with free access to the Mudflats which is where a great deal of the fun happens. We also have the best accommodation right by the beach and near all the activities.

The locals welcome us with banners, special deals on exquisite food, activities and more. Our Saturday Party Dinner is amazing and we get a huge discount for our guests.

Groups of 4 or more can have their own rooms without sharing with other people and we also have private room options available for smaller groups. 

Great Value Tour – Priceless Experience! 

Waegook Travel Departures (Continue):
Geoje, Busan, Daegu, Gumi and Daejeon.

Seoul, Suwon, Osan and Gunsan

Group Organizers - Start your Engines (Group Organizer Discounts KRW 5 000 PP for groups 4 or more)!
Many Single Travelers join as well every year.

Included & Options

Tour Includes:
Return Party Bus with Free Cocktails / Free Mudflats / Great Beach Rooms / Own Rooms for Groups of 4 or More / Many Free Activities / Big Discount on Group Party Dinner / Bonus Prizes / Beach Sports and of course Korean and English speaking guides.

Waegook Travel will buy tickets in advance at cost while available online.
(No waiting in lines or sold out tickets).
Tickets are KRW 14 000 PP.


Highlight: Discounted BIG Dinner Party:
Shellfish and a variety of Meat with plenty of Salads and Side Dishes (Drinks Optional).

Private Room Options 2 and 3 People:

* 1 Guest Only (Add KRW 120 000). - Limited.

* 2 Guests Only - Double Bed (Add KRW 40 000 PP) - Limited.

* 3 Guests Only - Double Bed / 1 Ondol (Add KRW 15 000 PP) - Limited.

Departures & Prices

* Early Bird 1 Price PP

Till May 30th
(Save KRW 20 000 PP).

Tongyeong / Geoje / Busan / Changwon:
Only KRW 99 000
Daegu / Gumi / Daejeon:
Only KRW 89 000
* Early Bird 2
May 31st – June 30th
Add KRW 10 000
* Regular Price
After June 30th
Add KRW 20 000
Bookings Close on Tuesday July 16th or when fully booked, whichever comes first.

Other Departures:
For other departures including Seoul, Suwon, Osan and Gunsan.

General Info:

Hi Party People!

Book Early:
It’s time to get DIRTY again at the biggest fun festival in Korea! That’s right! The Boryeong Mud Festival is around the corner. Waegook Travel has been doing the Mudfest since 2005 and GTR is doing it for the 11th year in a row!

Our accommodations are only 1 minute’s walk from the beach and a 10 minutes’ walk to the Mud Zone area.

Waegook Travel will probably only be taking 2 Party Buses down, so make sure you invite your friends and start getting your groups together (See Group Organizer Discounts). It’s a BIG PARTY and GTR will be taking 7 buses down as well for people interested in departing from other cities up North as well as Osan and Gunsan. People from the Southern and Central cities on the Waegook Travel Tour can still share rooms with people up North on the GTR Tour and vice versa. Just mention it in your booking. The tour always sells out way in advance, so don’t miss out and save with our Early Bird Discounts.

Snacks & Cocktails:
Once again this year, we have Wings N Things with some ice-cold slushies, cocktails and delicious snacks at affordable prices. Wings N Things will be set up in front of our Main Accommodation Building’s Parking Lot. We will also serve free cocktails on the bus before we reach the Mudflats to get you in an early mood for the fun that awaits.

 Waegook Travel will once again be teaming up with Adventure Korea and Good Times Rok (GTR) for the original Mud Flats! These 3 companies will be the ONLY companies to participate for FREE in the Mudflat Games. This is one of the highlights of the Mudfest and there is something for everyone. The games are from 11:30 till 13:00 PM and you can enjoy mud wrestling rings, mud soccer, mud slides, silt basic training, cavalry battles, human pyramids, the Mud Run (BIG Prizes) and much more.

Fun Activities:
After the Mud Flats, we will check into our beach accommodations and after that you are free to explore Daecheon Beach, enjoy the Mud Zone, park at one of the many cocktail stalls, take a swim in the sea, get a tan or play some beach sports on the beach, enjoy many music shows and parades, rent scooters, do zip-lining, get a mud face paint or whatever else tickles your fancy. Many of the fun activities are free. See (“Free Things to Do”).

Dinner Party & Fireworks:
In the evening, join us for our signature Dinner Party at a low discounted price. EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN BUFFET BBQ with variety of shellfish, samgyeupsal, other meats, salads and side dishes. (Available ONLY to our guests KRW 20 000 PP).

All the BBQ shellfish restaurants there charge from KRW 50,000 – KRW 70,000 but we get a special price for our members. Last year 200 people joined, so make sure to select this option in your booking if you will be joining us for an amazing dinner party. Drinks are Optional.

After dinner, we will head down to the beach for the mind-blowing Boryeong Mudfest Fireworks show.

Free Things to Do:
- Mud Color Painting
- Parade along the beach, with bands, theme characters!
- Live Music: K-pop bands, beach performances & water cannons.
- Diverse Performances: B-boys, traditional music.
- Stunning Fireworks show over the sea!

Preference for rooms with beds will be given to people booking early.

The accommodation is spacious and clean and located within one minute’s walk from the beach and 10 minutes’ walk from the Mudzone. Groups of 4 or more will have their own rooms or combination of rooms (4 – 8 people per room) without having to share with other people.
Single travelers or groups less than 4 will share with other guests and we always do our best to put females and friends together.

Rooms (Included):
1. The standard rooms have double beds which means 2 people can sleep on a bed and the rest will sleep ondol style (Korean sleeping mat with bedding).
2. All Ondol (No beds).
Note: A sleeping bag, inflatable mattress or yoga mat can make ondol more comfortable.

Private Room Options:

Private Rooms with double bed (See Options above).


Saturday, July 20th:

Departure Times & Locations: Times may subject to change.

Route 1:
05:00 AM: Busan (In front of Paragon Hotel across from Sasang Intercity Bus Terminal.
05:50 AM: Geoje (Okpo In front of Lotte Department Store).
06:40 Tongyeong (Across from Tongyeong Intercity Bus Terminal).

Route 2:
05:00 AM Changwon (Main Entrance Changwon Intercity Bus Terminal near Taxi Stand).
06:20 AM Daegu (In front of Seongseo Homeplus Main Entrance).
07:00 AM Gumi (In front of Gumi Intercity Bus Terminal by the Taxi Stand).
08:20 AM Daejeon (In front of Yongjeon Dong Homeplus).

Arrive in Mud Flats around 11:20 am (Depending on Traffic)

11:30-1:00 Let the fun start with many of the fun activities on the Mudflats (All free for our guests). See activities under “Introduction”.

13:45 – 14:00 Check in at our beach accommodation.

18:45 – 20:30 All You Can Eat Buffet BBQ Dinner Party.

Sunday, July 21st

11:00 AM Check out time (Put all your bags in the right bus).
The buses will be parked across from the water park (facing the main road) in the big parking lot.

13:00 Departing Boryeong:
All Buses depart at 13:00.

Disclaimer & Refund Policy

Safety is very important, so please be careful.
We will not be liable for any injuries on this trip.
By signing up and participating in any of the trips offered by Waegook Travel, the PARTICIPANT acknowledges and agrees to all the terms and conditions of Waegook Travel.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Derrick & Sugi (Waegook Travel):
E-mail Derrick at funtrips@waegooktravel.com
or Call Sugi at 010 5293 3775

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