Wayheon Beach House Rooms and Facilities

Discover our Beach House accommodation and feel free to book your stay anytime!

2 guests

Main Bedroom

The main bedroom has a double bed and a TV Box with Netflix etc. 

Big enough for 1 or 2 more guests.

2 guests

Bedroom 2

The 2nd bedroom has a double mattress and a TV.

Space for 1 more guest,

2 guests

Bedroom 3

The 3rd bedroom has a double mattress and a TV.

Space for 1 more guest.

1 guest

Bedroom 4

The 4th bedroom has a single mattress and no TV.

Space for 1 more guest.

6 guests

Living Room

Big living room with Satellie TV, Netflix, air conditioning and underfloor heating.

Extra sleeping mats and bedding for 6 guests.

all guests


Kitchen has a stove, microwave, kettle, plates, cups etc.

Washing machine.

all guests

Shower Facilities

Inside the house with tub, shower basin and toilet.

Towels and toilet paper provided.

all guests

Out Facilities

In the out-building with 2 strong hot showers.

Also an extra toilet in the out-building.

all guests

Veranda View

Stunning view from the Beach House veranda.

The BBQ area is located just below the veranda.

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