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Wahyeon Beach House Manual

Welcome to Wahyeon Beach House!

1. Hot Water and Heating:
The hot water to the bathroom in the house as well as the underfloor heating is controlled by a switch located next to the main bedroom door. We will show you how it works. The outbuilding showers are always hot.

2. Smart Home Control:
You can control music, the veranda lights and the TV with your voice. The smart home control is in the living room, but it should hear you from the veranda as well as long as the noise level is not too high. Start all voice commands with either "Hey Google" or "OK Google" Here are some useful commands.

* Turn On / Off the TV or "Play Avengers on Netflix on Beach TV or on Master Bedroom TV"
* Make sure the Red UE Boom Speaker is on and say "Play ACDC" or Play "Thunder". You can also just say "Play some Music", " Turn Volume Down or Up to 50%", "What's the weather like on Sunday", "What's the latest News" and much more.
* Say "Turn the Veranda Lights On or Off", Dim the Veranda Lights to 60%, Change All Lights Color to White, Turn ALL Lights Off etc.
* Use the black UE Boom Speaker if you connect to your phone because the red speaker is connected to Google Home for voice control.

3. Lights:
Most lights are controlled by the switches next to the refrigerator in the back of the living room. For people who prefer to control the veranda lights with a switch instead of voice there is a dim-bright-on-off switch by the refrigerator and the switch can also be used to change to pre-set colors. Each button is programmed with a "CLICK" and a "HOLD" function. PRESS Power On and HOLD Power to switch to white light. Press or Hold Big Sun button for brighten and dim. Small Sun Button is for different color pre-sets. Press Bottom OFF Button for turning living room light off. HOLD THE OFF Button to turn all lights off.

Please make sure all lights and appliances are turned off when you go to bed or go out. There is a motion sensor light inside the living room to light up when you go to the bathroom at night. If this bothers you, you can switch it off.

4. TVs:
The TV in the living room (Name: Beach TV) is connected to Skylife Satellite service and Chromecast. The main bedroom TV (Name: Master Bedroom TV) is connected to Chromecast. Both these TVs are connected to Netflix, YouTube etc via Chromecast. You can connect on any Chrome browser from your phone or our laptop computer by clicking on the Chromecast symbol at the top-right of the Chrome browsers. Make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi first.

5. Free Wi-Fi:
The password for the Wi-Fi as well as the Guest Account on the laptop is guest00000. The Password for the tablet is 00000.

6. Recycling:
a. Please dispose of plastic bottles, glass and cans in the recycle bin provided.
b. Food separately in the food bin provided.
c. Other trash go into the taxed municipal bags provided.
d. Bottles with deposits e.g. soju and local beer bottles can be placed in the green crates provided.

7. Bluetooth Speakers & Charging Station:
Turn on the black or purple speaker and press the small button next to the power button till you hear a thumping sound. Now you can connect UE Boom to your phone or the laptop PC. The red speaker is connected to Google Home, so it's best to connect the black speaker to your phone.

8. Fire & Carbon Dioxide Alarm:

For your safety we have installed a sensor located against the wall in the living room above the Foosball table. The sensor will detect smoke and excessive carbon dioxide. In the unlikely event that the alarm goes off, please exit the house immediately. If a fire is present call 119 and then call us at +82 (10) 5293 3775. It might just be cooking fumes or a malfunction, but it's better to be safe. If no fire is detected, please call us, so we can investigate the cause of the alarm before entering the house again.

Please Note: Fireworks are ONLY allowed on the beach in the direction of the sea. Fireworks from the Beach House or any other building is strictly prohibited by law and causes safety hazards.

9. Mosquito Control:
We have less mosquitoes than most places, but we know how bothersome they can be. We provide mosquito burning coils on the veranda on the shoe-rack. Place one under the table by your feet and you won't be bothered by mosquitoes. We suggest spraying your room 20 minutes before you go to bed after which you close the doors and windows. Before you go to bed you can open the window and you will have a good night's rest.

10. Parking:
3 Cars can be parked behind each other between the house and the convenience store. More cars can be parked at the big parking lot at the ferry terminal. It's about 3 minutes' walk.

11. BBQ:
We have BBQ grills you can use. Like most places here we charge a KRW 30 000 per BBQ fee. This includes charcoal and the cleaning fee. Consider our very popular BBQ package with 2 big lamb chops and fresh salads (KRW 25 000 Per Person) and the BBQ fee is already included (Minimum 6 Packs).

12. Breakfast:
If you don't feel like making breakfast, we can prepare a hearty English type breakfast for KRW 10 000 Per Person (Minimum 6 People).

13. Custom Tour:
We can show you all the most beautiful places on a custom Geoje Island Tour and take you to fun activities, restaurants, shopping etc on the way. Please contact us in advance for availability and pricing.

14. Activities:
The owners are a licensed Travel Agency and we can book your activities in advance and at cost or even a discount depending on how many people, season etc). We also provide free transport to the ATVs and custom tours or transport to other activities at a low rate. Let us know and we will book your Oedo Tickets in advance and at a discounted rate.

15. Kayaking and SUP:
Ask us about our tandem kayak and SUP Rentals. We give awesome deals to our guests. Please note that life jackets must always be worn, kayaks must be back 30 minutes before sunset as required by law or latest at 19:00 according to local regulations. Follow the shoreline and don't cut straight across because there is a lot of boat traffic. Don't venture into the open sea because it is very dangerous outside the bay.

16. Have a nice stay!
Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions, want to order food, book activities in advance etc. You get the activities at cost or a small discount if you book through us and we get a small commission from the suppliers. It helps us and saves you the hassles of waiting, language barriers etc.

We hope you have an awesome time at Wahyeon Beach House!

Derrick and Sugi (Wahyeon Beach House)
010 5293 3775 (Korea Code 82)