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Chuseok 2018 Island Getaway

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https://www.waegooktravel.com/chuseok-2018-island-getaway" target="_blank">https://www.waegooktravel.com/chuseok-2018-island-getaway

INCLUDED (From Only KRW 249 000):

* Return Bus to Geoje Island, Island Tours and Transfers to and from activities.

* 3 Nights’ Accommodation (2 Nights Guest House Accommodation (Pension) on Geoje Island right by the beach PLUS 1 Night’s motel accommodation in Tongyeong near the harbour).

* 3 X Breakfast / Brunch: 1 X English Breakfast / 1 X Indian Lamb Curry / 1 X Hotdog BBQ

* 2 Dinners: 1 X Big Lamb BBQ / 1 X “All You can Eat” Korean Buffet BBQ

* 2 Nights’ Beach Party with free cocktails, flip cup, beer pong and party music.

* 1 Yokji Island Return Ferry and Bus Tour

* Free: Beach Volley Ball, Beach Soccer and Touch Rugby.

* Free: Swimming, Beach Time, River Swim, Hiking and much more…


Sunset Cruise * Sea Kayaking and snorkelling into caves and around Yundeol Island* Mountain Forest ATVs * Boat Fishing* Watersports * Sea World * Oedo Botanical Island * Snorkeling, Tongyeong Luge, exciting Go Karts and more…


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Wahyeon Beach January 27 - 29.


FUN Long Weekend on Wahyeon Beach: 3 Days / 2 Nights with many Inclusive Tours and Meals.

Early Bird Prices start from Only KRW 169 000 – KRW 199 000 (Minus additional discounts).

More Info: http://www.waegooktravel.com/lunar-new-year-on-geoje

Waegook Travel Announcement:

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Waegook Travel Announcement:

(Please see photo and read below for more info).


In February 2016, we bought a triple storey guest house right on Wahyeon Beach, Geoje Island. The renovations and decorating has begun. We will be open from the beginning of March, 2016. All the rooms have unspoilt sea-views and it is right next the white sandy beach. It's within short walking distances of all the major attractions, activities and stores. The guest house on the first floor takes up the entire floor and is perfect for a bigger group of friends. The second and third floors have 3 rooms each. These rooms are perfect for 2 to 4 people. The rooms all have bathrooms, a small kitchenette, sea-view balcony, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV and we plan to install mini-PCs for browsing and Netflix.


Our other beach house is also right on the beach with a sea-view veranda and rooftop for BBQ etc. It has 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, outside bathroom etc. It's great for a big family or group of friends.


We also offer special deals at many other places near or on Wahyeon and Gujora Beach. We help you with booking of transport, activities etc, so you can just relax.


You can book your weekend whenever suits you best or join us on one of our group tours. We will kick off 2016 with the Spring Island Tour on April 2 & 3.


Please share this post with your friends and stand a chance of winning 1 of 3 free room prizes. More info will follow soon.


Hope to see you soon.




Derrick & Sugi

(Waegook Travel)


010 5293 3775.

Simplifying Bookings and Reward Program for 2016

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Hi everyone.

We have big plans for 2016 and are working hard to simplify our booking system for 2016. We also want to reward all our loyal guests with a brand new reward program.

Guests who have joined us on previous trips will be sent an e-mail and they will be able to confirm if they want to accept or decline their VIP membersip.  With VIP membership you will qualify for promotional discounts etc. VIP guest will not have to complete all the fields in the booking form. You can simply update your info once, if anything changed since your last booking. We need some additional info like room sharing etc for different trips to serve you better. Now you can only add the relevant info needed for a specific trip and you will not have to add any personal info again like telephone numbers, emergency contacts etc.

As a VIP member we can offer trips to you at a discounted price because we have less admin and advertising cost. It's a win-win! We will send out occasional news letters related to your own preferences selected and it will be clearer than Facebook posts. Confirmations and updates etc will also be much quicker.

Your personal info have always and will always be treated in the strictest confidentiality.

We value your continuous support and strive to make each trip with us a memorable one.

Kind regards.

Derrick & Sugi
(Waegook Travel)