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Amazing May
Geoje Island!

It’s almost time and we hope you are excited!
There has been slight changes to some of the departure times on Friday and the ETA times on Monday.
The rest of the itinerary remains the same.  
Please Click to see the Final Arrangements.

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Chill or Go Wild - Check out the video for all the exciting activities on offer.

Join Waegook Travel and Good Times Rok (GTR)
on a Very Exciting Long Weekend!

There are Lots to See and Do on stunning Geoje Island.

(3 Days / 2 Nights).

Wahyeon Beach, Saturday May 5th – Monday, May 7th

Save Up to KRW 65 000 Per Person!

Save up to KRW 20 000 for Early Bird Bookings and another KRW 45 000 for choosing the VIP Package

Early Bird Discounted Prices:

Save KRW 20 000 till April 2nd. (Add KRW 10 000 after 22:00 on April 2nd).
Save KRW 10 000 till April 16th. (Add KRW 20 000 after 22:00 on April 16th).

3 Amazing Packages!

3 Amazing Packages suit everyone’s taste and budget:
Early Bird Prices range from ONLY KRW 165 000 (Geoje Standard Package) – KRW 235 000 (VIP Package Seoul).

A. BUDGET PACKAGE (Great Value):

Southern Departures:
Geoje (KRW 165 000) * Busan / Changwon (KRW 185 000) * Gumi / Daegu (KRW 190 000)

Northern Departures:
Daejeon / Cheonan / Yeongtong / Seoul (KRW 195 000).


* 3 – 15 People Beach Rooms (Groups of 3 or more get own room according to Group Size).
For Couple Room: Add KRW 50 000 Per Person for 2 Nights.
* Return Bus from departure cities listed.
* Island Tour (See Info below itinerary).
* Transfers to and from activities.
* 2 Breakfasts
* 1 Lamb BBQ
* 2 Nights Beach Party.
* Saturday Night’s Beach Party includes our famous Island Cocktails.
* Geoje’s famous POW Museum.


Southern Departures:
Geoje (KRW 185 000) * Busan / Changwon (KRW 205 000) * Gumi / Daegu (KRW 210 000)

Northern Departures:
Daejeon / Cheonan / Yeongtong / Seoul (KRW 215 000).


* All above in Budget Package PLUS!
* Tongyeong Bus Trip
* Luge
* Korean BBQ Buffet – Eat as much as you like.
* Kayaking


Southern Departures:
Geoje (KRW 205 000) * Busan / Changwon (KRW 225 000) * Gumi / Daegu (KRW 230 000)

Northern Departures:
Daejeon / Cheonan / Yeongtong / Seoul (KRW 235 000).


All above in Standard Package PLUS!
* Sunset Cruise with Cocktails.


Saturday, May 5th

Saturday, May 5th

05:00 Seoul (Noksapyeong Subway Exit 2).
05:50 Yeongtong – Suwon (Yeongtong Subway Station Exit 1).
07:30 Daejeon (In front of Yongjeon Dong Homeplus).
08:20 Gumi (In front of Gumi Intercity Bus Terminal by the Taxi Stand).
08:50 Daegu (In front of NH Bank across from Sinsegae Department Store by Dong Daegu Intercity Bus Terminal).
11:20 ETA Wahyeon Beach, Geoje Island and Check-In.

Busan / Ulsan: We are in contact with you personally with the Departure Info.

12:00 -17:00 ATVs (Quad Bikes through mountain forest), Hiking (Gonggoji or Observatory), Beach Volleyball, Fishing etc.
Buy a small lunch or snack because dinner is only at 20:20.
13:10 – 16:30 Oedo Botanical Island
13:10 - 15:30 Sea World and Jisepo Marina with Shipbuilding and Fishing Folklore Museums.
15:00 – 17:00 Kayaking
17:10 Depart for Tongyeong Luge & Okpo.
17:30 Drop Off in Okpo for People not going to Tongyeong. You can stay at Wahyeon Beach as well, but you can buy a variety of Foreign Restaurant Food there and visit one of many Ex-Pat Bars.
We will pick you up again at 22:30 on our way back from Tongyeong. If you want to go back to our accommodation earlier or later, you can get a taxi for about KRW 12 000.
17:50 – 20:00 Race down the Luge
20:20 – 22:00 Meat Buffet with desserts etc (Eat as much as you’d like). Lots of salads etc available (Drinks Extra).
22:10 Bus departs for Geoje.
22:30 Pick People up in Okpo.
22:50 Saturday Beach Party with Cocktails, Fire, Music, Beer Pong and Flip Cup.

Sunday, May 6th

09:00 – 10:50 English Breakfast
11:00 – 14:00 Geoje Island Tour.
14:00 – 16:30 Kayaking, ATVs, Hiking, Beach Volleyball, Fishing etc.
16:40 Meet and transfer for Sunset Cruise.
17:30 – 19:00 Sunset Cruise.
19:30 Fire Starts for BBQ
20:00 – 21:00 BBQ Dinner.
21: 30 Sunday Beach Party with Music, Fire, Beer Pong and Flip Cup.

Monday, May 7th

09:00 – 10:30 Check Out and English Breakfast (Different variety from Sunday).
11:00 Everyone departs for POW Museum. Famous museum on Geoje where 170 000 Prisoners of War were held during the Korean War.
11:30 POW Museum (Included).
Optional: You can also experience the brand-new mono-rail taking people up to Gaeryeong with amazing island views.
Try the fun roller-coaster zip-line at the museum. Chill out in the garden, coffee shop etc. See options for more info.
14:30 Depart for original departure cities.

Busan 17:20 / Daegu 17:30/ Gumi 18:10 / Daejeon: 19:40 / Cheonan 21:20 / Seoul: 22:30.

ISLAND TOUR INFO (Included in all Packages):

Breath-taking bus tour of all the most famous attractions on Geoje including Haegeumgang / Windy Hill / Sinseondae / Hakdong Pebble Beach / Gujora Beach.

About Beautiful Blue City Geoje!


Included in Some Packages:

* POW Museum (KRW 7 000): Included in ALL packages.

* Sunset Cruise (KRW 30 000): Included in VIP Package
Extra for Other Packages.

* Kayaking (KRW 20 000)
(Included in Standard and VIP Packages
Extra for Budget Package).

* Return Bus to Tongyeong for Luge and Dinner:
Included in Standard and VIP Packages.
Not available for Budget Package.

* Luge KRW (11 000): 
Included in Standard and VIP Packages
Not available for Budget Package.

* Korean BBQ Buffet - Eat as much as you can (KRW 15 000):
Included in Standard and VIP Packages
Not available for Budget Package

Private Rooms (Groups 3 Guests or More - No Extra Charge)

Not Included in any packages:

Private Rooms for Couples: KRW 50 000 Per Person (Includes Both Nights)
Private Room for Only 1 Person: KRW 100 000 Surcharge.

Oedo (KRW 28 000), Sea World (KRW 22 000), ATVs (KRW 25 000).
Fishing Rental (KRW 10 000), Boat Fishing (KRW 60 000), Deep Sea Fishing (KRW 150 000).
Monorail from POW Museum to top of Gaeryeong Mountain (KRW 12 000), Roller Coaster Zip-Line (KRW 15 000).

Insane Roller Coaster Zip-Line!

Longest Monorail in Korea:
Stunning Island views from the top of Gaeryeongsan.

Oedo Botanical Island.

ATVs through a Mountain Forest.


Derrick & Sugi (Waegook Travel): 010 5293 3775
Michael Suh (GTR): 010 9459 8677


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