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Geoje Island WOW Long Weekend:
June 03 - 05, 2017. 
3 Days / 2 Nights from Only KRW 149 000 (Early Bird 1).
Additional Group Organisers Discount.

Geoje: Jolly June!


Another awesome Long Weekend by Waegook Travel. Just ask someone who joined us before or check out this fun video:

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Let your imagination go wild with options from A-Z! This is a fully customised tour with many options which will suit everyone’s taste and pocket. Except for the fixed departure times to Geoje and the return departures, you will have total freedom in choosing only the activities you would like to do.


3 Days / 2 nights from ONLY KRW 149 000!

Including Return Bus & Island Tour, 2 Night’s Beach Accommodation, Big Lamb BBQ and Beach Party with free cocktails, beer pong, flip cup and bon-fire, 2 Breakfasts, 1 Duck BBQ Lunch at a famous restaurant, transfers to and from optional activities below and more…

Many other exciting options available. Please see Options and Tour Highlights.


This trip has been meticulously designed, so you can just chill out or join as many fun activities as you want at your own pace. You will also have Sunday to rest before work starts for most on Monday. This long weekend gives ample time for Ex Pats and Koreans to fully enjoy the island during this beautiful season. Many flowers like daffodils, camellias, rapeseed etc are still in bloom and Gongojji and Oedo Botanical Island are stunning this time of the year. 

Waegook Travel is a licensed travel agency and tour operator located on Geoje Island. We have provided many tours since 2005 and our local knowledge and support from the local government and businesses here make it possible for us to give you the best experience at the lowest possible price.

KRW 149 000 (Geoje) - KRW 199 000 (Seoul)!!!

* Group Leader Discount for 4 or more people (KRW 5 000 Per Person OFF leader’s trip - Group Booking and Group Payment to qualify).
* Please See departure list for the Early Bird 1 Base Prices from different cities.
* Children: Under 2 Free / 2 - 7 Discount 50% / 8 - 15 Discount of 20% on Normal Adult Price.

You SAVE more than 50% on the normal cost of this tour if you booked everything individually.


The accommodation is located right on stunning Wahyeon Beach. It’s only a few seconds walk to the beach. Gujora Beach is next to Wahyeon Beach and less than 5 minutes’ drive from there. We have scheduled transfers or you can walk from one to the other. 

Map: (Zoom in and Out and click on markers for photos etc):

Standard Beach Accommodation: 4 to 10 people per room:
Standard beach rooms included in the tour price will accommodate 4 to 10 people depending on the size of your group, rooms and availability. The majority of rooms are Ondol. Rooms with beds, sea-view etc will be allocated in order of booking, so make sure to invite your friends to your group and book early.

Additional Benefits for Group Organisers and Groups:
*Group Organisers of groups of at least 4 can deduct KRW 5 000 Per Person including themselves off their own Tour Price.
* Early group bookings of 4 or more people will be allocated their own exclusive rooms at no extra cost as long as rooms are available for exclusive bookings.

Individuals or Groups smaller than 4 can get their own rooms at a small additional fee:
*1 To 3 People can be placed with other people in a room. We do our best to match friend sharing requests, sexes, interests, residing cities etc. 
*If you are 1 to 3 people and you don’t want to share accommodation with others, you have the option to book your own rooms at a small additional fee for the 2 nights (See Options above for Special Rooms).


* Buses are available from Seoul / Yeongtong (Suwon) / Daejeon /  Daegu / Busan.
* A Minimum of 10 people is required for departure from any city. In certain cases, less people from a city will be considered. In the case of any departure point being cancelled we will help you book your tickets on an intercity bus and your cost will be reduced to the Geoje Departure Price. 

(Need a Public Bus outside our normal tour itinerary – We can help you book your tickets).
* If you have a group of 10 or more people from a city not far away from the departure cities listed let us know and we can discuss a departure point from there.

Transfers to and from activities (ATVs and Gujora 5 to 8 minutes’ drive):
Transfers to Gujora Beach, Kayaking and ATVs will be every 2 hours on the hour from 10 AM till 16: 00 and return transfers will be every 2 hours on half past the hour from 12:30 till 18:30.



People are free to do whatever and whenever they want. Just let us know when to book your optional activities for when you get here. The schedule for certain activities are fixed if there is a specific time designated to it in the itinerary. You can choose whether you want to take part or not. We allowed for enough time in the bus schedule and might get back earlier than stated in the itinerary. The itinerary and ETA is subject to traffic, weather conditions etc and might be subject to change. Bookings close on Tuesday, May 30th or when the tour is fully booked (whichever comes first). The itinerary and departure schedule will be confirmed and posted on our Facebook Event and Web Site latest Thursday, June 1st. 

SATURDAY, June 03rd.
06:00 Seoul (Noksapyeong Subway Exit 2).
06:50 Yeongtong – Suwon (Yeongtong Subway Station Exit 1).
08:20 Daejeon (in front of Yongjeon Dong Homeplus).
11:30 Check-In at Wahyeon Beach accommodation.
07:50 Daegu (Dong Daegu BUS TERMINAL – More Info will follow).
09:30 Busan (Sasang Bus Terminal – More Info will follow).
10:40 Geoje – In front of Gohyeon Bus Terminal.
11:10 Wahyeon Beach accommodation.

* Please refer to the activity and food descriptions above for more info and see that your activities fall within a time where you are not doing a fixed schedule activity like one of the tours, sunset cruise, fishing etc.

12:00 – 17:00 Buy lunch, participate in some fun activities or go for a swim, chill on the beach etc.
14:00 – 16:00 Jisepo Outing: Sea World, 2 Maritime Museums, Sedgeways around the marina etc.
17:30 Sunset Cruise
19:30 Lamb BBQ & Beach Party.
21:00 - 22:00 Free cocktails.
21:00 - … Beach Party. Continue having a great time at the beach.

SUNDAY, June 4th.
09:00 – 11:00 People not going on the bus tour can pick up their brunch picnic packs.
09:00 – 12:00 Bus departs for Island Tour 1 (3 Hours). Picnic Brunch will be handed out on the bus.
09:30 - 18:00 Participate in fun activities.
14:00 - Fishing boats depart.
19:30 Bus departs for Okpo Restaurants and Bar Hopping.
22:30 Bus departs from Okpo for Wahyeon Beach accommodation.
22:50 Arrive at Wahyeon Beach: Continue having a great time.

* People who prefer not to go to Okpo can buy local food or ask us to call deliveries like Chinese, Chicken or Pizza before 22:00. People who want to stay longer in Okpo can take a taxi back.
MONDAY, June 5th.
09:00 – 10:00 Pick up light breakfast and Checkout.
* 10:10 - Bus departs for Deokpo Beach. This is a scheduled part of the tour because buses will depart directly from the Duck BBQ after Deokpo Beach to your original departure cities.
10:40 – 12:30 Do Zipline over the sea (2 Way Trip), swim or chill on the beach.
12:40 Depart for Duck BBQ.
13:00 – 14:00 Duck BBQ and Lucky Draw with Big Prizes:
14:10 Group Photo.
14:20 Buses depart from the Duck Restaurant for your original departure cities.
ETA (Monday June 5th):
Northern Bus: 

18:00 Daejeon ETA.
19:30 Yeongtong ETA.
21:00 Seoul ETA.

Southern & Central Bus:

14:40 Drop Off at Gohyeon Bus Terminal.
16:00 Busan ETA.
17:40 Daegu ETA.


(Not Included in the Tour Price): 
See description of activities under Long Weekend Highlights below for more info.

+ Private Room for 2 People Only: Add KRW 50 000 per person for 2 nights (Limited).
+ Private Room for 3 People Only: Add KRW 20 000 per person for 3 nights (Limited).
+ Sunset Cruise 2 Hours - KRW 30 000 per person.
+ Sea World Dolphin and Beluga Whale Show - KRW 22 000.
+ Zip-Line over Deokpo Beach: KRW 18 000.
+ Mountain Forest ATVs: KRW 25 000 Per Person.
+ Oedo Botanical Island: KRW 28 000.
+ Sea Kayaking around an island and into caves: KRW 20 000 Per Person.
+ Mask & Snorkel: KRW 5 000.
+ Sedgeways, Scooters & Hoverboards around Marina (KRW 10 000 – KRW 20 000).
+ Deep Sea Fishing Special: KRW 150 000.
+ Bottom fishing from the boat: KRW 60 000
+ KRW Shore Fishing: KRW 20 000 Per Person.
+ Fishing Folklore and Shipbuilding Museum (KRW 3 000 for both).
+ Acrobatic Circus (KRW 15 000).
 + Billiards / Screen Golf and Karaoke. You need to book and pay there.
+ Korea Wine Club (KRW 25 000 Per Bottle).


*Beaches and Exploration:

Geoje Island and Oedo Botanical Island are rated under the top most beautiful islands by CNN.

You can spend time on Wahyeon, Gujora, Deokpo and Hakdong Beaches on this long weekend. We provide free transfers every 2 hours between Wahyeon Beach, ATVs and Gujora Beach.

Wahyeon Beach:
Our accommodation and all our scheduled tours, dinners, beach party etc will be at beautiful Wahyeon Beach. You can explore famous Oedo Botanical Island, stunning Gonggoji with crystal clear water, palm trees and a huge variety of flowers including daffodils, camellia, rapeseed flowers and much more from here. Wahyeon Observatory is a short hike from our accommodation and offers a great photo opportunity and spectacular view of Wahyeon, Gujora, Oedo, Haegeumgang and other islands. Free binoculars and an info board with photos will help you identify all the famous landmarks. You can also enjoy fun activities like the sunset cruise, swimming, beach time, fishing trips, ATVs etc from there.

Gujora Beach:
Enjoy kayaking and snorkeling around a small island where you can kayak into 2 caves, chill on a huge natural beach with amazing scenery or explore the bamboo forest and historic fortress.


A. Island Tour (Included):
Explore some of the most spectacular places Geoje Island offers on the free 3-hour Island Tour. You can enjoy one of the included brunch packs at a picnic at one of the famous Geoje landmarks including stunning Haegeumgang, Hakdong Pebble Beach, incredible Sinseondae, Windy Hill and Ujebong.

Deokpo Beach and Zip-Line – KRW 18 000.
The zip-line has recently been made higher and upgraded to take people up to Kg 120. It is an exciting experience where you literally go over the water. It is a 2-way trip (To the other side of the beach band back) We will also have a picnic at on Deokpo Beach (See Food Section). A minimum of 10 people is required for the bus to go to Deokpo. We will also have a picnic at Deokpo Beach, so you can enjoy time there even if you don’t do the zip-line.

C. Okpo Restaurant and Bar Hopping: (Transport Free – Food and Drinks are Optional):
On Thursday evening we will take you to Okpo. Okpo has one of Korea’s biggest ex pat communities and you can choose from a multitude of restaurants serving delicious food from all over the world. Bombay Brau is always popular with our guests with amazing Indian Curry dishes as well as other food and they also serve a variety of beers brewed there. Other popular places include the Brazilian BBQ, Thai Food and many others.
After dinner, you might want to check out some of the ex-pat bars with live entertainment, pool tables, darts etc. Okpo will remind you a bit of Itaewon with all the Ex-Pat restaurants and bars. We will give you the address and business cards to get back to the accommodation by taxi (KRW about KRW 13 000) If you want to party some more after our buses departed. Note: Juicy or Girly Bars can cost you your whole salary, so it’s better to stay clear of these bars.

D. Sea World and Jisepo Museums and Marina (Transport Included: Sea World, Museum Entrance Fees, Sedgeway, Hoverboard, Scooter Optional). Please note that you will need an international or Korean license for the scooters. Sedgeway, Hoverboards, Carts - No license needed.

Sea World (KRW 22 000 Per Person):
Included in the entrance is a Beluga Whale and Dolphin Show as well as interesting reptiles, amphibians, tetrapod etc. Close encounters with the dolphins and Belugas are also available at an additional fee. Close encounters include swimming with the dolphins, personal contact and close-up photo opportunities. Next to Sea World there is more to see and do. Please see below.

Shipbuilding and Fishing Folklore Museums – KRW 3 500 for entrance to both.
Situated next to Sea World. There is a marina and yacht club with an old turtle ship and Goliath Crane for shipbuilding outside the museums. This is very appropriate for Geoje where old and modern exist together in harmony. The area outside is right next to the ocean and offers splendid views of Daemyung Resort, the harbour, fishing boats etc. There is also a coffee shop across the street called Alfredo’s where delicious waffles etc can be enjoyed.

* Popular Activities:

Sunset Cruise (KRW 30 000):
This is one of the highlights of the tour and the cruise almost always books out very quickly. We depart from Wahyeon Beach or Jisepo depending on how many boats we take the size of the boats. The cruise departs late afternoon and you will be awed by the sun setting over majestic island rock formations. If we are lucky you can spot some pods of small mink whale, flying fish etc, but even in their absence you will not be disappointed. We planned cruises on 2 separate days, so that everyone can get a chance to go, but each cruise is subject to weather conditions, demand and availability.

Oedo Botanical Island (KRW 28 000);
A visit to Oedo Botanical Island is hugely popular. It is the backdrop of many Korean dramas. The massive botanical island has over 3 000 species of  exotic flowers and beautiful sculptures adoring the island. The price includes the ferry and park fees.

Sea Kayaking (Once Per Person Included):

The Sea Kayaking at Gujora is also very popular. The trip around Yeondol Island is amazing and takes 60 to 80 minutes. Single and tandem kayaks are available. The water is crystal clear and you can kayak into 2 caves and snorkel (See snorkeling) around Yeondol Island where you can see beautiful fish and other sea creatures. The first time is included. If you would like to go again the cost is KRW 20 000 Per Person.

ATVs (Quad Bikes) – KRW 25 000 Per Person
Exciting 1 hour ride through a lush mountain forest with amazing sea-views. Basic training is provided for novice riders.

Billiards / Screen Golf / Karaoke:
Available at Wahyeon Beach. You need to book and pay there.

We have huge prizes to give away on the tour including future accommodation at the Beach House for up to 10 people, another beach room for up to 2 people, wine and other prizes.

Fishing, Collecting Shellfish and Beach Combing

Tide Table:

A. Fishing:

Deep Sea Fishing (KRW 120 000 – KRW 150 000).
We know it’s an expensive option, but it is well worth it for the keen fisherman. This time of year, we target mainly Yellow Tail Kingfish (Usually between 80 and 130 centimetres). They put up a huge fight and normal rods and reels will simply break. If you have your own rod and reel for Yellow Tail as well as your own jigging lures, you can join the trip for KRW 120 000. If not all gear will be provided and the total cost will be KRW 150 000. The boat usually takes us to a great spot between Geoje and Daemado (Japanese Tsushima). The trip is usually about 4 hours (The boat ride takes about an hour there and back). The trip requires a minimum of and a maximum of 10 people). Please note that if you lose more than 1 metal lure KRW 12 000 per lost lure will be charged. Sashimi will be prepared for you and they will fillet your catch if you want to keep some for a BBQ.

Off-Shore Bottom Fishing (KRW 60 000):
This is a cheap option and well suited for the less serious fisherman. All gear and bait is provided. The boat usually anchors near Oedo or Naedo and we usually catch a lot of sea bream, flatfish and other bottom fish. The trip takes about 3 hours. You keep your catch or they will serve you sashimi. The requirement for the trip is a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 16 people.

Shore Fishing (Gear, Tackle and Bait KRW 20 000 Per Person):
If you don’t have your own gear you can rent a rod and reel and buy some rigs and bait for around KRW 20 000. The best time is an hour before and after high-tide. You can catch from the beach, pier or the rocks. Day time you can get mostly bottom fish and sole (flatfish) and at night you can expect some eels. The rentals are per day, but they usually don’t mind if you keep it overnight.

B. Snorkeling (KRW 5 000 Per Person), Collecting Shellfish and Beach combing:
During low tide you can get catch crab, sea cucumber, sea urchins, sea squirt, mussels, oysters, octopus and even mullet and flatfish with a handheld net. Beachcombers can expect to find lots of starfish, beautiful shells etc. The water is still a bit chilly in the beginning of May, but some of the more adventurous locals have been swimming since March. The water is very clear especially around Yeondol Island where you can explore some caves etc (See Kayaking).


We cater for people with special dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, halal etc and offer alternatives for people who can’t eat certain things. When booking your tour, you can mention if you have special dietary requests. If you get hungry between brunch and dinner, you can buy food including hamburgers, schnitzel, fish and chips etc. here. Free Cocktails will be served at the Beach Party after the BBQ on Saturday Night (Soft drinks will be provided for teetotalers).

2 Breakfasts (brunches) are included on Sunday and Monday Mornings, A Delicious Duck BBQ is included at a famous restaurant on Geoje on Monday afternoon and Waegook Travel’s famous big BBQ packs consisting of big portions quality meat and fresh home-made salads will be served on Saturday evening. The fires will be ready for the BBQ nights will be ready when you get back from the last daytime activities. Everyone is responsible for grilling their own meat in South African tradition. A braai is not just about cooking and eating. It is a social event and provides a great opportunity to meet and mingle with other people and you can also enjoy your meat the way you like it. Groups often designate a Braai Master to take care of the group’s meat. You can ask our experts for advice if it’s your first time.

Wine (KRW 25 000 Per Bottle):
Pre-order excellent wines from Korea Wine Club at a great price. You can choose from a quality wine selection including Pinotage, Premium Red, Chenin Blanc, Sweet White and a Rose.


This tour has so much to see and do. We give you maximum options, but except for the departures to Geoje and back we have a totally flexible tour and what you would like to see and do is totally up to you.


(Secure and Convenient – ATM / Teller / Credit Card / Pay Pal)

There is a short description of our Terms and Conditions below.
For more info regarding our cancellation policy and terms and conditions click on the link above.

You are covered by the bus insurance while on the bus. Personal Travel Experience while not on the bus is optional and should be arranged by you in a private capacity. By undertaking this tour you agree that all activities are undertaken by you at own risk and neither Waegook Travel nor any of our activity, accommodation or other suppliers will be held responsible in any way for any damages, injury or loss sustained while on this tour.


A. Cancellations more than 60 days before the event: 10% + ticket cancellation fees.
B. Cancellations less than 60 but more than 30 days before the event: 20% + ticket cancellation.
C. Cancellations less than 30 but more than 14 days before the event: 30% + ticket cancellation.
D. Trips cancelled less than 14 but more than 7 days before the event: 50% plus ticket cancellation.
E. Trips cancelled less than 7 days before the event: No refunds possible.
We look forward to an amazing long weekend and to seeing you here on Geoje Island.


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