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Holi Hai 2018:
Wahyeon Beach, Geoje Island

Holi Hai 2018: Geoje Island
Wahyeon Beach: March 17 & 18 (Festival on the 18th).

Holi Hai – Even better in 2018!
The very popular Holi Hai Festival which has been held in Busan the last few years will be held on Wahyeon Beach, Geoje Island this year.

About Holi Hai (Official Description):
Welcome to the happiest festival in Korea! Holi Hai, also known as the Festival of Colors, celebrates the coming of spring, the joy of friendship, and equality for all. All nationalities and ethnicities are encouraged to participate! Make sure to wear white because this party gets colorful. The colored powders used in Holi represent happiness, love, and the freedom to live vibrantly. Take the opportunity to cover yourself and your friends in colorful powders and dance your heart out. Enjoy loud Bollywood music, delicious samosas, and an afternoon of messy, free fun!

Book your bus, beach rooms, meals, Holi Playing Kit and fun activities all at once.

2 Holi Hai Tours 2018:
Waegook Travel is a licensed travel agency and tour operator based on Geoje Island. We are very well connected to get you the best deals and nobody knows the island like we do.
We offer 2 very affordable tours for the Holi Hai Festival. As part of our tour you can also enjoy and get discounts on our meal packages and many fun activities.
VIP Tour (2 Days / 1 Night): From KRW 69 000.
Early Bird Price 1 till 22:00 on February 20: (Add KRW 10 000 after Early Bird Expired).

Geoje: KRW 69 000.
Busan / Changwon / Jinju / Jinhae KRW 89 000.
Daegu / Gumi / Ulsan: KRW 94 000.
Seoul / Yeongtong / Daejeon / Chuncheon: KRW 99 000.
+ Other Departures see Buses under FAQ.

* Return bus from selected departure cities.
* 1 Night’s beach accommodation
* Geoje Island Bus Tour to Gujora, Hakdong Pebble Beach, Sinseondae and Windy Hill.
* Tickets for Fishing Folklore and Shipbuilding Museums.
* Discounts on Lamb BBQ, Lamb Curry & Rice, sunset cruise, ATVs etc.
* 2 Tandem Kayaks (Water still cold so come prepared with waterproof pants or wetsuit if you want to do this). Free for VIP Tour Guests. 1 Hour Per Person (4 Guests at a time).
Day Tour From KRW 29 000
Early Bird Price 1 till 22:00 February 20: (Add KRW 5 000 after Early Bird Expired).

Geoje: KRW 29 000 (Remember to buy your return tickets from Geoje in advance).
Busan / Changwon / Jinju / Jinhae KRW 45 000.
Daegu / Gumi / Ulsan: KRW 49 000.
No Daejeon, Seoul, Chuncheon or Yeongtong Departures because too far for a same day return.
+ Other Departures see Buses under FAQ.

* Return bus from selected departure cities.
* Tickets for Fishing Folklore and Shipbuilding Museums.
* KRW 3 000 Discounts on both Lamb BBQ and Lamb Curry & Rice (Part of the tour and pre-order).
Options (Not Included):
* Saturday Lamb BBQ. 2 Certified Halal Lamb Chops with a salad (KRW 15 000 if part of tour and pre-ordered / KRW 18 000 if you buy there and subject to availability).
* Sunday Indian Lamb Curry - KRW 12 000 if part of tour and pre-ordered / KRW 15 000 if you buy there and subject to availability.
* Private Room Supplement - 2 Guests (KRW 20 000 PP).
* Private Room Supplement - 1 Guest (KRW 60 000).

* Holi Hai Playing Kit (KRW 10 000).
* Sunset Boat Cruise (KRW 30 000 PP).

* ATVs (KRW 25 000 PP).
* Boat Fishing (KRW 60 000 PP).
* Oedo Botanical Island (KRW 28 000 PP).

Please Note: People on our tour interested in getting Holi Hai Playing Kit can order them through us at cost price and we will hand them out on the tour.
Holi Hai is a self-funded event. Each participant is requested to buy “Holi Playing Kit” which includes

* Color powder.

* Face painting color.
* Two samosas
* Funky cap

This will help the Holi Hai organisers to cover the necessary funds required to organize this colorful festival.

If you wish not to use Holi Playing kit, you can still join the festival for FREE.

We recommend the VIP Tour for maximum value and FUN. Enjoy all the beauty and activities Geoje has to offer on this super-value tour. You will also be rested and ready to enjoy everything the festival has to offer before heading back.

Please read the info above carefully and check out the comments and links for more info.

1. There are unfortunately no other discounts except for the Early Bird Discounts on this tour because we already made it as cheap as possible.

2. Accommodation:
* Beach Rooms right at Wahyeon Beach. Accommodation is shared between 3 and 5 people. Groups of 3 to 5 people can get their own private room as long as a group booking is made and there are still rooms of that size available. For bigger groups we will allocate bigger private accommodation for a group of 6 to a maximum of 15 people. Our Beach House has already been booked by Holi Hai guests. One or two people will be placed in a room of 3 to 5 people unless a private room option is selected.  
* Couples: A limited amount of private rooms are available for 1 or 2 people. Please see options.
Accommodation is allocated in order of booking and payment, so early booking is advised.

3. Buses: The itinerary will be announced. We reserve the right to make alterations to departures based on the amount of people who book from each city. In the case of a city not having enough people to send our buses, public intercity bus tickets will be provided at no extra charge and our buses will pick those people up at Gohyeon Bus Terminal on Geoje and take them to Wahyeon Beach.  We can add extra departure points if enough people from that city. Please contact us to add a departure point.

4. Meals are not included, but we offer a Lamb BBQ and salad on Saturday evening with an Indian Lamb Curry and Rice for Sunday brunch. KRW 3 000 discount is offered to our guests on each meal option. All meat is Halal. There are also some local restaurants near the beach although the variety is limited. Light meals are available at the convenience stores. There are some places delivering pizza, chicken, Chinese meals etc, but with so many people at the festival you might have to wait long. People on the VIP Tour with special dietary requests can bring food with because most rooms have small kitchenettes.

5. Options:

Options are only available for the Saturday because of limited time. Sunday is the Festival and museums. If you don’t want to make use of your museum tickets, you are welcome to walk around Jisepo Marina and take some great photos before departure to the original departure cities.
Option Prices: The option prices are listed in the booking form. We will also provide the prices in the comments section below and on our website.

6. Hoi Hai Tickets and Info:
Please Note: People on our tour interested in getting Holi Hai Tickets can order them through us at cost price and we will hand them out on the bus or at the Waegook Travel stall. For more info on the festival see www.holhai.org
Remember to bookmark this page to book our tours exclusively by Waegook Travel.



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