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APRIL 2 & 3, 2016


IMPORTANT: BUSAN - please take note of changes:

FINAL ARRANGEMENTS: Geoje Island Spring Tour April 2 & 3, 2016.

* SEOUL, YEONGTONG AND DAEJEON DEPARTURES - (No changes to departure points or schedule):
02:00 AM Seoul (Noksapyeong Subway Exit 2).
02:50 AM Yeongtong – Suwon (Yeongtong Subway Station Exit 1).
04:30 AM Daejeon (in front of Yongjeon Dong Homeplus).
09:00 AM Arrive at Wahyeon Beach accommodation.

* BUSAN DEPARTURES- 20 Minutes Earlier - (Departure Point and Time Changed):
07:00 AM from Sasang Intercity Bus Terminal Platform 15.
The Busan bus will depart 20 minutes earlier at 07:00 AM from Sasang Bus Terminal Platform 15 to Geoje. The bus is blue and white with some red. The Korean name is 경원여객 (Gyeong Won Yeo Gaek) and the registration number 6049. Please take the 8 seats right in the back of the bus.

People have been notified.

08:30 AM Depart from across the road from Gohyeon Bus Terminal.

Please bring a towel, toiletries, sun protection, insect repellent, beach wear, warm clothing for the evening, rain coat (rain possible on Sunday) etc. We suggest you bring your own fork and knife because steak and lamb etc is better enjoyed with decent cutlery.

Remember to bring your ARC or Passport if you are going to Oedo.

All group leaders and individuals will be notified by e-mail and the Final Arrangements have also been posted on this page and on our Facebook event at:

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Sugi: 010 5293 3775
E-Mail: [email protected]

Subject to change - Please see our Terms and Conditions for more info:

SATURDAY, April 2, 2016:


These departures are all in the morning (AM). This is when the bus leaves. Please be there at least 10 minutes before the departure. For the convenience of the majority, the bus never waits.


02:00 Seoul (Noksapyeong Subway Exit 2).
02:50 Yeongtong – Suwon (Yeongtong Subway Station Exit 1).
04:30 Daejeon (in front of Yongjeon Dong Homeplus).
06:00 Ulsan (Arrangement made)
07:00 AM from Sasang Intercity Bus Terminal Platform 15. The bus is blue and white with some red. The Korean name is 경원여객 (Gyeong Won Yeo Gaek) and the registration number 6049. Please take the 8 seats right in the back of the bus.
08:30 Depart from across the road from Gohyeon Bus Terminal.
09:00 Arrive at Wahyeon Beach accommodation.

Weekend at Own Leisure:

On arrival you will be shown to your accommodation. We are not going to rush you. Chill out and do whatever you want to do. You will be able to put your stuff in an allocated room till check-in. in the event of some rooms not being ready for check-in. Breakfast will be served from 10 AM till Noon, so you don’t have to stand in line if you want to wait.

On Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy many activities at own leisure including a cruise to Oedo, hiking to Gonggoji, ATVs, kayaking, beach sports etc. Please keep the fixed schedule in mind when planning your optional activities. If you want to chill or do your own thing, you are welcome to ignore the fixed schedule except for departing for Geoje and from Geoje and you don’t want to miss dinner or breakfast.


Saturday, April 2:

All departures according to departure schedule.

10 AM - 12 Noon: Breakfast bagel with salami, cheese and egg with coffee. Please mention in the booking comments if you have any special dietary requests and we will accommodate you.

13:00: Depart Wahyeon for Jisepo (Sea World Show 14:00 and the Maritime and Folklore Museums at own leisure).

15:00: Depart Sea World for Wahyeon Beach.
PLEASE NOTE: People who want to visit Neungpo for the Cherry Blossoms can catch our bus from Wahyeon or Sea World at the times below. If you want to skip the Cherry blossoms or you want to visit the museums, you can take a public bus back to Wahyeon Beach. Wahyeon is less than 10 minutes’ drive from Jisepo and the bus fare is only KRW 1 300. A taxi is an option for a group up to 4 people per taxi, but there are not always that many taxis around.

16:00 Depart Wahyeon for Neungpo (Cherry Blossoms, Tulip and Sculpture Park and finish at Jangseungpo Harbor). It’s a one-way route, so the DEPARTURE POINT IS DIFFERENT.
It is a stunning trail with spectacular sea-, cliff- and flower-views. It’s an easy walk along the road and doesn’t involve strenuous mountain hiking, but if you hate walking, stay on the beach or at the museums in Jisepo. The walk takes less than an hour, but we allow for an hour and a half, so there is plenty of time to take photos etc.

16:10 Sea World departure for Neungpo (above).

16:40 Arrive at Jangseungpo. Walk all the way along the coastal road to the sculpture park at Neungpo and we will meet you there at 17:50. This means if you walk at an easy pace and take pictures, you will have enough time to enjoy the stunning scenes without having to rush.

17:50 Meet at the Sculpture Park (It’s right on the main coastal road and there are signs as well. It’s impossible to get lost unless you turn off from the main road).

18:10 Depart from Jangseungpo Harbor. BBQ fires start.

18:40 Arrive at Wahyeon Beach.

19:00 BBQ starts with music etc. Lamb and Steak Packs with potato salad, mixed green salad, fried veggie rice and BBQ toast with cheese, tomato and onion. SELF BBQ! Ask us when to put the meat on and take it off if you really don’t know. Braai (SA BBQ culture) requires participation as part of a socializing experience and it’s a great way to meet people. Special dietary requests can skip the meat and get more of all the other goodies.

21:00 Beach Party with free cocktails.

Sunday, April 3:

08:00 – 10:00 English Breakfast served (Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Baked Beans, Toast, Real Cheese, Jam, and Coffee).
08:00 – 10:00 Check-out if you are going on the island tour or to Gujora Beach. Put your stuff on the bus.
09:40 Bus departs Wahyeon for Geoje Island Tour (Haegeumgang, Sinseondae and Windy Hill) and drop people who want to chill on Gujora Beach off.
09:45 Drop people off at Gujora Beach.
10:20 Arrive at Haegeumgang.
10:40 Depart Haegeumgang for Windy Hill and Sinseondae (Across from each other).
10:45 Arrive at Windy Hill and Sinseondae. The bus will stop at Sinseondae. Windy hill is further, so if you want to go to both we suggest you start with Windy Hill. If you just want to see Windy Hill from a distance you can relax at the tidal pools at Sinseondae.
11:50 Check-out for people who did NOT go on the Island Tour or to Gujora. Put your stuff on the bus.
12:00 Depart from Sinseondae.
12:25 Pick people up at Gujora Beach.
12:30 Arrive at Wahyeon Beach.
13:00 Bus departs for original departure cities.
14:10 Bus drops Busan, Ulsan and Geoje guests off at Gohyeon Bus Terminal.
15:00 Ulsan Bus departs from Gohyeon Bus Terminal.
15:20 Busan Bus departs from Gohyeon Bus Terminal.

ETA - Sunday April 3
(Estimated Time of Arrival at Departure Cities): Subject to traffic, weather conditions etc.

14:10 Gohyeon
16:50 Busan
17:00 Daejeon.
17:20 Ulsan
19:00 Yeongtong ETA.
21:00 Seoul ETA.

Please be on time, respect others and their property and be safe! Please call us at 010 5293 3775 if you are unsure about anything or if there is anything we can do to make your time on Geoje Island better.

Have a great time!

See you Saturday!

Kind Regards

Derrick & Sugi

(Waegook Travel)

Please feel free to e-mail or call us if you have any questions.

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