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Bad News - Good News!

We just came back from the beach and heard that the government announced on the news last night that all Daeboreum Festivals nationwide be cancelled due to the Avian Flu and Foot and Mouth Disease. The villagers are not allowed to go ahead with the festival. I am looking for the relevant articles and will post it on the event later. I have found one article so far although it doesn't mention the festival as such.

We will get some of the logs etc and make our own fire. If you want to BBQ we have lamb and steak with salad packages. Okpo is one of the places in Korea with the most foreign restaurants and bars. It's only about 10 minutes from the beach by taxi if you prefer it a bit more upbeat. We will still go ahead with all the activities. Will be fun and we hope to still see you here on Wahyeon Beach.

If you want to cancel because of the cancelled festival, we will understand completely. Sure you will still have a great weekend if you decide to still come. All the other activities etc will still go ahead as planned. Just the cultural festival will not happen with the fire, dancing etc

I took these photos at the beach before posting the news. Everything was coming along well for the festival, but they stopped all work on the festival now.

We are sure you will still have an amazing time. We will be here to help if you need to get to activities etc.


Derrick & Sugi

Geoje Island: Harvest Moon Festival:

Beach House & Rooms 1 - 10 Guests
Beach House & Rooms 11 - 15 Guests
February 11, 2017


Festival FREE!
Saturday Night Beach Accommodation:
From Only KRW 30 000 Per Person.
Cheap and Easy Booking!

Oedo / Naedo / ATVs / Boat and Off Shore Fishing / BBQ Packs.


This is not a protest LOL. Spring is around the corner and people have been celebrating the start of spring this way for centuries.

This is a unique opportunity for a few lucky people to join this fun cultural experience with all the villagers right here on Wahyeon Beach, Geoje Island. This year the festival falls on Saturday, so it's an excellent chance to experience this special event.

It was so much fun last year. Come tie your wishes to the huge bon fire, drink some makoli, join in the Korean dancing and share a laugh with the local village people. This is a unique experience to really get away from the city and experience the slower life of the people who live here.

It is a very cheap trip and you can also combine a BBQ, activities like Oedo Botanical Island, ATVs, fishing, fireworks etc.


All our accommodation is right by the beach:

1. Waegook Travel's Beach House:

Right on the beach with excellent sea-views of Oedo, Haegeumgang and a minute or two walk from the festival. Perfect for a group of 8 - 12 People. First Booked - First Served. Wi-Fi, Netflix etc all available. The Saturday Night Price for the entire 4 bedroom house with living room, kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, sea-view veranda etc ONLY KRW 360 000. If you want to extend your stay with Friday or Saturday Nights the entire house will only be KRW 100 000 extra per night. The price per person will depend on how many people share the house.

2. Other Beach Accommodation (Price Per Person):

a. Room for 2 People (KRW 40 000 Per Person).
b. Rooms for 3 - 15 People (KRW 30 000 Per Person)

The festival is around the corner. We will organise your accommodation, help you with transport and as locals we will help you to get to all the activities. The best rooms always goes first, so get your bookings in ASAP.


1. ATVs: KRW 25 000.
2. Oedo: KRW 28 000.
3. Sunset Cruise: KRW 30 000.
4. Boat Fishing: KRW 60 000.
5. Shore Fishing: KRW 20 000.
6. Sea World: KRW 22 000.
6. BBQ Packs: KRW 25 000 (Steak and Lamb, Potato Salad and Mixed Green Salad. Charcoal provided if more than 10 people.


We will not open our booking forms for this event because the short time period before the festival and the limited space.

To book:
1. Send us an e-mail to [email protected] with the following info:
A. Full names / Mobile Number / E-mail of the person booking.
B. Which accommodation Option e.g. Beach House or Room for 4.
C. Which Nights e.g. Only Saturday or Friday & Saturday.
D. Optional Activities e.g. BBQ packs for 4, ATVs for 6 etc.
E. Preferred way of Payment.
E. We will send confirmation of availability.
G. After we send your confirmation proceed with payment for only the accommodation. All other options can be paid here.

Feel free to contact us with regards to discounts for children. Regrettably no other discounts are offered on this tour.


A. For Cash Payments and Local Bank Transfers use the info below:

Bank Info for Deposits and Transfers
NongHyup Bank (NH Bank)
Branch: Gohyeon, Geoje
Account Holder: Park Kyeong Sug (박경숙)
Account Number: 356-5293-3775-03

B. Pay Pal and Credit Card Options:
Use the Pay Pal Buttons above. No Pay Pal account needed.


By booking and participating in this festival and other activities you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy. You agree that Waegook Travel and it's agents which include accommodation and activity providers will in no way be held responsible for any damages or injury sustained on this trip. For the full Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy, please check out the link below.

See you on Geoje Island soon!

Derrick and Sugi
[email protected] / 010 5293 3775